A Body For Life Transformation: The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Love!



    Why should you do a transformation? That’s what YOU have to decide. Unless you have a really good “why,” chances of you finishing and doing well are low.  This is the most effective plan of its kind in the world, simple but not easy. You must have a really good reason to stick with it. As Porter Freeman always says, “you have to want it.

    ”H.O.W." you should do a transformation!


    H onestly: This is self-honesty, not cash register honesty. This is making an agreement with yourself that you will not lie to others or yourself. Lying to yourself, by saying that you will do certain things, and then not doing them, has the same effect on you as someone else lying to you. You will lose confidence in yourself, and you will no longer have faith that you can accomplish what you set out to do.

    O penly: This is agreeing that you will not hide from others. This is agreeing that you will not overeat in secret. This is being willing to quickly admit it when you have been wrong or gone wrong. This openness will free you from the chains of shame and guilt, and will help you have the energy to see this through.


    W illingly: This is being available to others, both physically and emotionally. This is participating when you’d rather be sleeping. This is the exact opposite of hitting the snooze button. This is hitting the “here I go” button.  This does not mean faking a good attitude. This is creating a good attitude by doing the next right thing in front of you.


    HOW is not new with me—it’s just an acronym to help you remember that these are three of the corner stones for living a consistent and joyful life. What would be the fourth cornerstone? For me, I think it would be “Helpfully.” Someone who is helpful is seldom bored, deprived, upset or forgotten. Most all that is good in life is done or at least begun by helpful people. Helpful people are those who naturally think that they were placed on the earth in order to make it and those who dwell here better, happier and more effective. If you set your sights on being helpful, every problem you thought you had will have died of neglect by the time you return to it. 



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    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

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