Getting Started June 18th - Who's In?! :)

  • mama2monkee, it sounds like you might be an ideal resource for some of us first-timers!  I'm sure it will all come back to you!

  • How exciting! Sounds like we have an awesome group! How is everyone doing?  Have a little trouble finding something healthy at cookouts, but I think I am still on track :)  Going to get some lower body done today!  Cheers!

  • Well I know I said I was going to start yesterday but didn't happen because hadn't planned for success so spent yesterday planning rest of week.  So today is my official day 1 and started it with cardio.  I was frustrated with how little endurance I have but felt good afterwards and am feeling challenged to keep doing it to get better.  Took my before pics and measurements this morning too.  Not real happy with them but they are my starting point.  Planning to weigh and measure every 3 weeks.  I never have before but am planning on posting my before pics on my profile page later tonight or in morning.  I think this might hold me more accountable for challenge.  I'm excited about this group and look forward to hearing how your first week is going.