Weight Lighting New-bees Who Need Advice

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    I started my challenge on Monday June 13th and so far, my nutrition and exercise have been on track - until yesterday (Day # 02). On Tuesday I did my upper body workout. Whew! I had my book in the gym with my workout planned. I have never lifted weights before. I was only able to go up to 10Ibs and do like 2 sets of 12 and 10 reps for most of the exercises. My arms started shaking. I did not sweat though but I had to breathe heavy to lift the weights. How do I know if my workout was effective? It was a challenge doing the 10Ibs weight and with 15Ibs, I could not even do more than 5 sets. I did not sweat the entire workout; but at the end my upper body hurt. I don't hurt anymore today though. Shouldn't i feel some pain today? Am i supposed to sweat? I'm putting in great effort but how do i know I'm really getting a good workout? I've read the book and I know about 10s. I don't know if i hit mine but i know when my arms started shaking, I tried but my muscles won't cooperate with me. Do i just need time for my body to get stronger? Anyone else experience this? Help please. Some encouragement will be much appreciated.

  • If you are brand new, you arent going to be able to lift a lot if you dont do normal repetitive lifting.  If you are getting to muscle failure, where you can NOT do one more lift, no matter how hard you try, you are at your 10's!  Early on, you may not really sweat a lot, but as you move up and hit new 10's you will..

  • Thanks Dburg30, I'll keep on going at it. I can't wait to get stronger and more comfortable with weights. I'm in it to win it!

  • Friberyl,

    You will know if you hit your 10s if you are sore the following day or later on the same day. A good workout however does not necessarily leave you with that. You may just sweat like crazy and feel your body temperature soaring.

    From the discrepancy in the weights, I can feel you are using machines. If you have never done weights before, machines are way too soon for you as the plates (weights on the machines) are spaced by several pounds.

    For you to build enough strength to be able to handle the machines efficiently, i advise you to start with dumbbells suited to your own strengths and increase the weights of the dumbbells slowly and gradually.

    You are not sweating for the following three reasons:

    - you are not exercising to your maximum or near maximum, this is why your body temperature is not rising high enough for the body to cool itself down with sweat. Go with the dumbells, and get the speed of your exercise going. Don't do dumbbells slowly while looking at people and the ceiling and out the windows. You need to finish the whole weight workout in 45 minutes. Remember to keep the proper form when you do each and every rep.

    - your metabolism is very slow, this is why your body is not trying to step up to the plate. A symptom of yo-yo dieting or eating too few calories in the past, or being generally inactive. Eat your six meal by the book, exercise as above and your metabolism will start soaring.

    - You don't drink enough water for your body to metabolize normally. The body needs no less than 2 liters (minimally) to deal with metabolic processes and release heat.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • just because someone's metabolism is slow does not mean they yo yo dieted lol everyone's metabolism is different.

    frib, lets keep it simple. Follow the pyramid routine as outlined in the book. Start with a light weight, and each set progress heavier. Keep you rest periods to 1 minute. Document the weight lifted for each set,  to make sure you keep progressing.

    Lets say on your 5th set you got 5 reps in. Write down weight lifted and reps completed, so the next workout your goal on your 5th set will be to get 6 reps with that same weight. Make sense? Its called progressive overload. Each workout you will try to increase the overload by the SMALLEST amount. That could mean going from a 15 lb DB to a 17.5 lb DB.

    Don't worry about measuring out 2 liters lol, just drink water around your workout(before, during, after) and with every meal. Do this and you will be fine.

    If you want exact measurements for nutrition, tell me your height, weight, and bf%.


  • Charlie, you're missing the point :o). She is not able to build a pyramid. she is not able to go beyond two level in a first place.

    The 2 liters are not a joke. It's a human need that we compensate for by drinking Coke.

    Some people drink two sips "around their workout".

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I'm not missing any point. If on her 2nd set she is unable to go past that, then she obviously started out too heavy. If she needs to start out on her 1st set with 2 lb weights, then so be it.

    As far as water is concerned, I drink 2 gallons a day. I think i get enough.

  • listen to this if you want to get in shape


  • When Bill Phillips was asked if someone could "bank" calories and use them throughout the week instead of having only 1 free day he said they could not.  He said it would cause program failure.  It's not as simple as calories or we would simply count calories.  

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  • your still fat and you follow all the bfl rules, now why is that

  • bill phillips is not an expert in nutrition hes a brillant business man and marketer but he does not have a qualification in nutrition the guy john barban on that podcast has a masters degree in nutrition and here are some success stories that did his program



  • Because I don't apply what I know when I'm dealing with my PTSD.  I should, but I don't always.  I don't follow the rules when I'm off contest.  My contest results clearly show that when applied, what I know absolutely works. 

    Have you proven that what you know works?

    I wouldn't disrespect you by mentioning the obvious comeback.  

    Why so snippy tonight?  That's even more than normal for you.

    Get your bod pod and let's go.  Let's test your theory.  

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  • 6packmission

    Why are you here, on the BFL forum?  You clearly do not respect the BFL program.  Stop harming people with junk science.  What's the point?  

    Bill used many experts to write BFL.  

    I don't care about a few success stories.  You are easily manipulated by marketing.  Yes, Bill can market, but so can your guy and Bill has 100's of thousands that he's helped.  The greats believe BFL is good.

    Poliquin preaches much of what Bill teaches.  Tom Venuto is another example.

    You know what?  Why am I selling you?  Why are you here if you don't believe it?

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • lets test my theory, ok, im fine with that, so how will we judge who wins

  • by the way i believe bfl works,it works because theres a calorie depletion ,but it doesnt mean its the only way, back in the 60s when arnie was getting ready for shows, he ate way more carbs, alot less protein and didnt eat frequent meals but still got ripped because he was eating less then he burned off