Truck driver wanting to do the challenge

  • Here is my situation. I have a lady who I like a lot and we're going to Myrtle Beach for my birthday in July cause Ive never been. What would be a better birthday present than being in the best shape ive ever been in, spending time with the lady I like and her telling me she can see us having a future together.

    Problem is Im about to start driving a truck for Schneider and I will be on the road during the week and home on the weekend. So how can I still do the challenge still lose weight and still see the fat go and the muscle increase? Is it possible for a truck driver like me to still get fit while being on the road?

  • What woman wouldnt want thier man to be in great shape. :)

    BFL is 80% eating clean, 20% training.

    I am pretty darn sure if you start eating the correct portions and clean fuel for that body, you will see results. DebbieMo's husband did just that and was very successful. (she posts on the CoffeeCrew)

    I'm married to a truck driver - I get it .... eat clean and drink your water. Start today.

    If you have access to the Body for Life book - it is a must read as well.

  • how do i get access to the book

  • Try the libraries, or purchase from Amazon perhaps.

    Without reading the book, it might get frustrating for you. Maybe not.

  • Carlton,

    Look at used book stores.  I live in a small town and found 3 copies in our local used book shop.  And yes, read the book.  I have gone back and reread it throughout just to make sure I have things right.  

  • If hitting a pay-per-visit gym while on the road is not an option for you, you may want to try body weight workouts. The exercies themselves are on youtube. Search "chest exercises body weight" etc for each muscle group.

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  • I’ve seen truck drivers post that they were able to do BFL successfully.  A couple of suggestions, get a cooler for taking food with you on the road and set up a reminder on your cell phone so you don't forget when to eat (2-3 hours apart).  Here are a few posts that my help. 







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