It is about time!

  • Super sets?  In bfl?   Are you tweaking the program?  

    On the lungs and getting them reconditioned, I understand about that.  In challenge 1 I got sick in week 6 and it brought on lung problems as I have asthma.  It took my cardio back to pre week 1.  But with some help from in here I was able to use some things to overcome it and move forward.  Keep working hard.  And I think its great your son is doing the running with you

  • Week 2 day 18

    Yes, super sets.  Tweaking,...hmmm  maybe just a slight bit.  I still did the exercises for each: Quads, hams, calves, and abs.  Instead of the 12,10,8,6,12,12;  I did 24/24/24.  So the same amount of sets just dif reps.  Since muscle has memory, I thought it would be good to " shock" my muscles.  So not to focus on strength but moreso for intensity and shaping.  (the intensity level stayed between 8-10)  Can I tell you that it was awesome, I am feeling it today,  However, it feels great.  When I was working on my quads it burned a great deal, but I just closed my eyes and imagined my muscles looking cut and lean and it got me through.   Please forgive me if I come out sounding vain, that is not my intention.  I am a big fan of body building.  One day I would like to compete in natural body building, figure or physic, haven't decided.  It is one of my dreams.

    Have you read the book, Body for life for women?  It is written by Dr. Pamela Peeke, and she wrote this book in collaboration with Bill Phillips.  (I recommend this book highly because it really gets in to the psyche of a woman and how our bodies and our minds work.  I really like the fact how she breaks it down to a science especially with the different stages of women's lives.) She did recommend for advanced exercisers to ramping it up.  Super sets is a way of doing so.

    By the way, firesong, how are you feeling?  Did you get over the bug?    I think it is great that you were able to work through your sickness in you first challenge.  I read your bio and really enjoyed your testimony, and to see your progress and measurements from start to finish, awesome is that!!  Wow,. that is the word for today!  hehe.  You are an inspiration to me, thank you for being you!  Just wanted you to know that.  :)

    I am nervous about this weekend since it is a Holiday.  That means there will be food and alcohol.  Just don't want to fall into temptation.   How do you stay strong and not succumb to the "no-no's"?

    Cogito ergo sum  "I think, therefore I am." René Descartes

  • LJ,  

    Yes I read the book and still have it.  Read it twice, once when I first bought it and once again before I started Challenge 1.   Personally I didn't like it at all.  For me it just didn't hit the nail on the head.  I came right back to BFL.  For me, she seemed to woosy and as an older woman I hate being told I have to not work hard because of my age.  Man that pisses me off.  *LOL*  

    I am feeling back to norm today, thanks. Got back into the gym.  Actually missed three days, so no free day for exercise for me this week.  I did LBWO tonight and happy to say didn't miss a beat on the weights.  

    And no you don't sound vain at all.  I know my muscles are screaming hot right now.  If I can just keep losing the fat, I can't wait to show them off.  

    I have friends coming over tomorrow, and using the free day for the eating part.  I did eat clean all week.

    So can eat with my friends, will just watch portions.   And will probably have a drink or two.  But no binges, and sunday will get on my bike for the first time this year and do my HIIT cardio.  

    Enjoy the 4th if you have plans, just beware of binging and portions. Work hard in the gym.  

  • hmm,...I believe I was off on my weeks, and I can't believe that I totally was off.  I am on day 23 of week number 4.  Oye Vey!  At least the days were on point.

    So an update for the past four days.  I can say that I stayed on track with exercising.  The same thing goes for my food intake, however, there were a couple times I slipped up.  The tortilla chips looks so savory and delicious.  And so did the dutch apple pie.  I only had a small slice.  lol.  But I am not going to beat myself up.  I feel like I did A-ok, i didn't binge and i watched my portions.

    Btw,  Happy Belated 4th of July!!!!

    Firesong, I am glad you are feeling much better!  I am sure that you are going to be showing off your guns before you know it!!  *Strike a pose!!*  :D  I can  appreciate your views on the BFLFW, and I agree that the exercise routine is a bit more lax that BFL is.  So I stick to the BFL program, but I do like to refer back to the other book for the mental aspects of the program.  I find it very helpful.

    I do my first weigh in at the end of this week, I am a little nervous.

    I was at the gym today and one of the trainers that work there, asked me how I was doing and how my work outs were going.  I kinda let him in on my routine,  he said that I should step it up.  And I was a little offended, maybe I shouldn't be.  I don't know.  All I do know is that I busted my butt and have been doing so every time I get into the gym.  I am getting my upper body strength back, and the same with my lower body.  I appreciate his opinion, but I don't quite think I should listen to his advice, just yet.  The first 1/3 of the program is about to end and I think I deserve to see the whole 12 weeks through.

    What do you think?



    Cogito ergo sum  "I think, therefore I am." René Descartes

  • LJ, Its tough when those temptations are calling your name. Especially when they are saying nice little things about how good they would taste.............

    And if you find something helpful then by golly use it.  Anything that works is a good thing.  

    Don't be nervous, and remember the first 4 weeks you are changing your body, and the scale doesn't always reflect that.  Make sure you take measurements.  

    As far as the trainer goes, don't worry about him.  If they are not versed in BFL, they tend to poopoo something they don't know.  Loan him your book if you feel so inclined.   I don't think you should listen to his advice either.  Complete the program and then tell him, look dude, you were wrong.  And then strike the pose!!!  


  • Week 4 Day 24 & 25

    UBWO went great!  My weight has been increasing steadily and I am feeling very good about it.  Now I am seeing that I have slacked on keeping my food journal up.  But that is what happens I guess, for me that is.  I have never been good at keeping a diary.  NEVER!  lol.   So I am making sure that I keep up everyday.   Writing online sure does help.  

    Today is cardio.  Yay for cardio!!  you know, actually doing the cardio is not so bad.  It is when the burn kicks in or the second to last spike/interval is sheer exhausting. That is when my body says,..."Ok J, enough is enough!!!"  However,  not thinking about how much longer the session is going to last seems to help.  I think it may be the same thing for the challenge.  As long as I just do and don't think to much on how long, how difficult, isn't so bad.  My little tid bit.

    Firesong, great adivce!  I won't listen to the trainer and i will take my measurements too.  

    Gotta get back to work.



    Cogito ergo sum  "I think, therefore I am." René Descartes

  • Week 5 Day 29

    Good news and Bad news.  Which first?  

    Bad news first,..I fell down.  This weekend was a total bust on exercising,..and yes my eating.  :(   So, I lost three days,....*sigh*   I messed up and didn't follow my program at all!!!!  So I am just going to wipe my knees off and keep on going.

    Good news.  I did my weigh in for the 4th week.   I do need to get my pictures taken asap.  Though my weight didn't decrease much like firesong said, my measurements screamed something so very different!!!

    Would you like to know??

    OK here are my current measurements compared to my first:  

    Weight: 188.6                                         Weight:  186.2

    First measurements                               Second Measurements

    Chest: 42"                                              Chest:  40"

    Waist:  40 1/2"                                        Waist:  36"

    Hip:  43 3/4"                                            Hip:     41"

    Thigh: 25 1/4"                                         Thigh:  23 3/4"

    Calf:  15"                                                 Calf:    14 1/2"

    R arm: 12 1/2"                                         R arm:  12 1/2"

    L arm:  12" 1/4"                                        L arm:   12"

    Cogito ergo sum  "I think, therefore I am." René Descartes

  • Week 5 Day 30

    To err is human, to forgive is divine.  That is my motto for this week and hopefully I will allow it to entangle into the rest of my life.  No self destructive thoughts, no put downs, no self loathing is allowed.   I was thinking this morning that we are all human and are so susceptible to failure one way or another.  Now that doesn't mean that we never win or that we don't meet our goals.  For me, it is a way to diffuse a serious problematic mentality.  It I accept that i am going to not get it right all the time, then I am at peace with myself.  My focus shifts from  negative thoughts to pushing and striving for positive goals.

    I hope this doesn't sound harebrained.  But that is how my mind rolls!  lol

    Tonight is UBWO,...I am woman,..Hear me roar!!!  RAWR!!!!!

    Cogito ergo sum  "I think, therefore I am." René Descartes

  • Week 5 Day 31

    Good morning.

    Today is a new day and another day to work towards progress!   I am thankful to be able to have the tools to better my life, the life of my children, and to accept life as it comes.  It is not easy being cheesy, as Chester the cheetah would say.  :)  So to continue onward, humbly I thank God, BFL, and everyone that has supported me.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

    As a quick update:  Yesterday I kept to eating clean, though I need to push the water a bit more.  And my UBWO was great! Although I did notice a slight pain in my left elbow as I worked on my triceps.  So I think I may stay away from that machine for a bit until I have my form on spot.  Any suggestions?  

    Today is cardio and well keep the focus on water and eating clean.

    Cheers to you.


    Cogito ergo sum  "I think, therefore I am." René Descartes

  • Week 6 Day 36.

    Ello there.  I must say that time is flying by and the summer is starting to turn up the heat!!  Went fishing yesterday and caught sun, and spotted fish!  My first catch ever!  It was very exciting.

    This week begins the second half of the challenge.  I am dedicated to my promise to myself and will keep working hard.  I will keep my focus and remain determined.  I will accomplish this.  

    I cannot talk long today bc the day has already taken off.  So I bid you farewell for a while.


    Cogito ergo sum  "I think, therefore I am." René Descartes