• Last night my husband made a really nice dinner (He was unaware I started the BFL diet while he was at work :)  So he came home and prepared the meal after I told him I wouldn't be able to eat it, but I would put some away for my free day. I asked him to help me be strong because I really want to see result. Sure enough, when I asked him for a bite, he said "Is it really worth ruining your diet over? I don't think so" and he packaged me up a big helping to put in the fridge to wait until Tuesday (my free day). 

    I had cardio this morning and strapped baby boy to my chest and walked around the neighborhood. It was a little tricky doing intervals with a baby strapped to me. But I got it done and fee good for getting out and doing it. It's almost time for my first meal. Egg whites and whole wheat toast. I am looking forward to it.

    Also, another milestone for me- I learned to like lite tuna. I never go near the stuff, but couldn't find another protein in the house, so I dabbed it on a wheat tortilla, topped it with lettuce and tomatoes and a touch of oil and vinegar and it wasn't so bad. Thinking I might give it a go again today. 


    QUESTION:  How many of you eat potatoes? How often should I be eating them? I have a ton of them but am afraid they will stunt my progress. 

    Also, do I HAVE to take pictures and post them???????????????   }:(




  • I would eat a plain potato long before I would eat ANY toast.

    You do have to take pictures, but you DO NOT have to post them.

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  • Are potatoes worse than toast ?!?!?

  • no... you get more "bang for the buck" in potatoes then in bread items.   there are  better choices for carbs then wheat bread,  BUT, wheat bread items are better then white bread, or donuts or things like that :)  Sweet potatoes are OMG good.. slice them thin, make almost like thick chips, season them a bit, and put them in the oven and let them bake... or take a potato and cut them to look like steak fries, just bake them, none of the 'bad' stuff like breading or deep frying.   They are still 'baked potatoes' but in a different light!!  

  • The potatoes champster and dburg are talking about are not processed, refined, stuff. They are the vegetable as is, boiled, baked, steamed, etc with no fat or sugar added. In their "natural" state they are very good for you. What makes them bad for us is all the fat and cheese and butter and oil etc etc we use to fry them or cook them with. go for a medium potato the size of your closed fist. Avoid packaged one from the stores as sometimes -god know why!!!- they add either oil or sugar to them after masking it with a scientific name.

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