Week 1-- Day 1. It's going to be tough!!

  • I have done the 12 weeks before- pic's and all and didn't think I saw any results, so dropped out AT WEEK 11!!!!!!  AAAAHHH!!  After I dropped out of the challenge, I looked back at my photos and realized just how much change there actually was! I wanted to start again very badly, but was pregnant. Now baby boy is 2 months old and I am hitting the challenge again. 
    So far, I have 3 meals left and had a relaxed upper body work out. (can't do too much- breast feeding) but plan on upping my weights for the next upper wk out.
    This will be a tough diet to follow because my husband loves to cook and is planning on making a nice dinner tonight which consists of a lot of items not approved on the BFL list.

    PLEASE keep me encouraged!!!



  • Hi Stacy,

    Congratulations on coming back. Starting off is always hard. Stick with it and you will do it. Every little change is a change. I am in a week three. Tomorrow is my free day. Yeehhhaaaa

    Keep us posted. We're like the mafia here lol, every new comer counts! lol

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Thanks Ruby4444!