Starting June 13... Anybody in?

  • Hello I am John and I am starting June 13 and I am training for a Tough Mudder compitition in December. I have done Body for life in the past and it worked really well. I hope to get some company....



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  • My name is Alisa, and I will be starting on June 13, as well. I just found out about Body for Life from a friend of mine from college. She and I were in Air Force ROTC together, and she has been using this program ever since she was in pilot training. In college, we both worked out like crazy, and I was in pretty good shape. But, I never ended up with the body that I wanted - I got bulk, but I never had the lean, shapely muscles that I desired. In the 12 years since I graduated from college, I have gained an extra 90 pounds, taken it off, gotten back into exercising, stopped exercising, put on another 75 pounds, and many other yo-yo events. I am ready to stop this cycle for good. I want to get back into shape, but I want to do it wisely. That is why I decided to take my friend's advice and buy the BFL book. I read it today. It blows my mind because I am used to working out for so long and so hard that I leave the gym 2 hours later and can barely move (this is why I usually stop working out all together). But, more intense for less time makes sense, and I want to give it a fair chance. Besides, it's either 12 weeks of trying this program or 12 weeks of sitting on the couch! So, even though I am probably at a different point than you in starting this challenge, I am interested in having some accountability through the 12 weeks.

  • Yay! Glad to see others starting on June 13th. I'm starting then too and I can't wait. I am currently a size 8 and my goal is to be lean and toned. I always thought this pot belly of mine runs in the family but after seeing all the other before and after pictures, I know it's my poor nutrition and lack of exercise. I have read the book and I'm sure my greatest challenge will be working with weights. But I know I can do this! And I am determined to be committed for the entire 12weeks. And I am determined to have exceptional results. I'll give it my all. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of the way I look; and not feeling confident. I'll post before pictures this weekend.

  • Hi Alisa!!!

    Lets do this! I can't wait... You already sound wize! I did this program before and the key is preparation. Remember from the book that 70% of the program is what we eat...

    I hope to get off the couch too!

    Johnny b

  • Hi Friberyl

    Im glad that you guys are here too! Go easy on the weights at first.... you will get stronger faster.... Water, water water!!!! I am glad you are with us!

    GO 13th!!!!!

  • I'm in. I have done body for life in the past as well and it did work wonderful. I've tried and failed to get started twice this year. I only made it through the first week both times. I really want to get back in shape and feel better again.

  • Hi Bomyea!

    Cool Beans!!! It Does work... Monday is our mission!!!! Let the mission begin!!! I  am pumped!!!! GET PREPARED! (70% OF THIS IS MEALS).

    90 days! lets help each other....


    "Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fail."..... Confucious

  • Hey Alisa and Friberyl!!!! Im with you guys....


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  • Dear June 13 Starter,

    I'm IN. Please call me "J." I have been extremely out of shape. Almost NO exercise for 2 years... poor diet.  On April13, 2011, I almost died. Fatique ... no energy... severe depression from the loss... But, I have been getting slowly better. Now, it's time to get even stronger! Let's do together.

  • ok i'm in! i was debating on starting monday or giving myself a week to get mentally prepared but.... procrastinating is bad! glad to see there will be others starting the same time so hopefully we can encourage each other to keep going.

    i planned to start adapting my meals today and tomorrow to get a head start. i'm just worried about fitting them into my schedule. i work in a pharmacy where we don't get coffee breaks, just a lunch break. so i can have a granola bar for a snack at work... but i couldn't get away with cottage cheese for example.

    also breakfast is a bit concerning as i don't have a vehicle so i'll be walking to the gym which is conveniently beside work.. but then i wouldn't be able to prepare eggs... hmm.. well that's not true i could microwave them! lol!

    anyway i've been made fun of all my life for being large, and i'm currently the largest i've ever been at an XXL. i can't wait to fit into my smaller clothes again and be able to confidently wear tank tops in public!

  • Hey J

    Lets do this together!!!!

    Johny B!!!!

  • Welcome aboard Dani!!!


  • I'm in.  

    I've done the program in the past with amazing results.  I've maintained for years but find myself slipping  the last year or so and picking up some poor eating habits.  I've slowly gotten "softer" and have gotten my layer of fat back.  I am ready to commit to the program to get back to what I KNOW works and get back the self esteem I had when I was "living right".

    Back on the right Path on MONDAY!

  • Anyone else work out yet? I did my workout at 6am. I don't think that I ever felt as weak! I could barely finish my last set for triceps ... and I dropped down to 5lb weights! I sure hope that this gets a little easier in the future.

  • i'll be heading to the gym shortly!

    i'm super tired cause i had a rough sleep, but hopefully the workout will give me some energy for the day and i'll just have to go to bed early tonight.

    when i'm tired like this  i usually get a monster energy drink at work (irish blend is my favourite!!) but... not today! so hopefully i can get some energy from the workout!

    i'll check in after work

    good luck guys!