Starting TODAY - June 6, 2011

  • Hi Ansley,

    I've read your blog and your measurements / height are almost identical to mine.

    I weighed in this morning and I am down 1 pound.  At least it's going in the right direction!

    Keep blogging and I will keep reading!

    Have a GREAT Weekend!


  • Starting pics have finally been added to the blog in the starting weight/measurements entry (was waiting to get them from a friend).  Kind of painful for me to look at, but on the bright side my pants are feeling looser already!

  • Week 1 update has been completed and can be found on the blog.  I dropped 7 lbs this week!  Woohoo!

  • Hi Ansley,

    Just wanted to say that it takes a lot of courage to make change happen.  Congrats!

    I think the blog is a great idea, sharing your journey will not only keep you inspired, but you give others the courage to make difficult changes in their own lives.

    One final thought - you asked a question on your blog...

    Am I strong enough to change this time?

    Unequivocally - YES!  

    My best on the journey!

  • Sorry I've been out of the loop everyone, but had some technical difficulties with the BFL forum.  Some new posts have been added including Monday's session, problems with overtraining, and the small change of the week.