Planning my first week

  • I am starting the program on Monday, I am doing my meal plan and exercise schedule tonight for the week. The gym I will be going to only has babysitting available at 0830 am, so on cardiio days when I have to exercise on an empty stomach, my first meal won't be until 10 that too late???Should I get up early and have a myoplex lite shake at 5 or 6 am.It just puts my 5th and 6 th meals late into the evening on cardio days.

    You input is really appreciated...I have a lot of weight to lose and I want to follow the plan to my best ability

    Thanks Leanne

  • Hi Leanne,

    Please do what you know can sustain and carry on doing for the rest of your life. You will find whey protein a lot of help on this program as they are easy to carry anywhere to provide you with the protein you need. Just add water :o). They are expensive but on the long run they pay off. Add a piece of fruit to that if they have too few carbs, and a meal is ready.

    The general rule is not to eat at least 3 hours before a workout, and an hour after cardio, half an hour after weights. Not sure what you mean by "too late", as in comparison to what? If it's in reference to your first meal in the day, no it isn't as long as not more than 2-3 hours have passed since you woke up. If you woke up and started your day at 5 am for example, your first meal should not be at 10 am (that's 5 hours of starving your body).

    Please plan according to what you can sustain and tolerate/enjoy on the very (very) long run. So many of us on here got great results, and so many of us quit because we couldn't cope.

    There are articles on the site on how to plan early on. Check out the library tab on this site. Good luck.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear