Starting 06/06/2011

  • For the most part, I make my own protein shakes and I love them. I have one for breakfast every day and some days I will have a second one in the afternoon.

    My favorite shake is:

    1/2 a frozen banana

    4 medium size strawberries

    1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

    3-4 ice cubes

    1 scoop chocolate protein powder

    So good. Sometimes I will also throw in a bit of spinach to get some extra greens. It doesn't change the taste too much.

    I have also started having a couple of the EAS advantEDGE protein shakes a week. I have a night class on Tuesday and Thursday. I work all day until 5:15 and my class is from 6:00-9:00 so I don't have a chance to get a real meal in there. I've started having a shake and some apple slices for that meal. Quick and easy.

  • Are you guys still hanging in there? I am, had a terrible day yesterday where I ate a lot of cheese. Today I havn´t worked out yet but I hope doing it this evening instead, Otherwise I notice a big change on my back which look a bit slimmer, but I still feel fat. I am motivated though and the running part gets easier and easier.

  • Hi guys!

    I started my challenge on 6/13 and just finished week 1.  I stuck very close to the meals (eating six times a day) and totally cut diet coke out of my life (except for one on my cheat day)...."Hello, My name is Wyndi and I'm a Diet Coke Addict".  Anywho, I lifted weights/cardio as prescribed. I have way more energy than I thought I would. My scale this morning declared  me to be 7 pounds lighter! I realize this won't always happen and I'm refraining from actually getting on the scale. I also know that the "newness" and "honeymoon" phase of the challenge won't last much longer, but I'm gonna ride that monkey train as long as it lets me.....HENCE the reason I love these forums and reading the journeys of everyone else! Keep it up!

  • Maria, currently we don't have product available in Sweden. Keep an eye out at for information on our international distribution.


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