Starting 06/06/2011

  • Hello,

    I am starting this monday...any hints or favorite recipes to help me with week one.


  • I'm starting on Sunday, 6/5. I'm glad to come across someone who is starting at the same time. I'd love some tips as well. Looking forward to this!

  • Hi! I'm starting Monday as well. I am picking up my weight bench tomorrow and should be all set. Have to do a little shopping too for food as I am planning on making all of my meals ahead of time. I am having a little trouble with meal planning but I'm still searching around on the forums. I have a good recipe for BBQ sauce that is really good. I'm going to use it with my chicken so I don't dry the meat out:

    ◦1 can nsa tomato sauce

    ◦3 capfuls liquid smoke flavoring

    ◦½ cup balsamic vinegar

    ◦ground pepper, nsa chili powder, garlic powder, etc to taste

    ◦Stevia or Splenda to taste

    Heat all ingredients on stove top until just simmering.

  • I am starting the next week also!! Let's encourage each other as we go!!

  • So where and when does everyone work out? I have a Weider 9400 Home Gym and tomorrow I am picking up a Golds Gym weight bench with barbell and some weights. I need to pick up a few dumbbells at Walmart this weekend too to get ready. OH, and all of my EAS supplies. I'm going to follow the week 1 meal plan until I figure out how to customize mine. I have a lot of weight to lose, but I"m very motivated and love working with weights so I'm excited.

  • sounds good I am planning for next week as we speak!!!Good luck

  • I am also starting 6/5! I am excited, but also a little nervous.  I feel like there is so much motivation during the summer, but also so much temptation! I'm also planning my menu now and then heading to the grocery store... I'd love to hear about everyone's progress over the next 12 weeks! Good luck :)

  • hey everyone! i'm also starting tomorrow, i'm all excited! i did a trial 20 minute cardio session on the stationary bike today and it kicked my butt lol. i'm sitting here planning everything for tomorrow, i work 12 hour shifts so i have to get up at 4am in order to complete my workout routine. I hope we can all motivate each other so that we can make it to the finish line! :)

  • Alright, well I guess we have a group to go here for June 6 start...  Update to let us know how we are doing.  Lets check in after day one and see our progress.


  • I have my plan written, my workout clothes ready to go for the morning and my myoplex lite wishes for a great first day everyone!!!

  • I started yesterday and I think the day was a success. I had a great upper body workout and I did good with my meals as well.

    But now that Monday is here and I'm at work, I'm more concerned with the meals. I need to eat 3 meals while I'm here, but I can't cook anything while I'm here. I have access to a refrigerator and a microwave...any suggestions on some good, easy snacks?

  • Hey Suzi, do you prepare your meals? Like Chicken. You can grill some up ahead of time for a few days and then just bring it to lunch with you and heat it up? I'm doing that. I have to cook up a bunch of chicken tonight with my sauce and make some rice and veggies and then I'm just going to prepare all of my meals ahead of time. I'm starting with the first week meal plan and modifying it as I go along. My snacks are yogurt, cottage cheese and 1/2 bananas this week. Oh, and almonds or maybe a side salad. I like to make a big salad on Sunday night and then it's ready for the week. Get yourself a cooler and pack your bags!

  • Hi everyone! Starting Challenge 2 today! Challenge1 pics are on my profile. I took about a month of maintenance time for vacation and some medical reasons, but I'm so ready to hit it hard again and take my fitness to even greater hights! Looks like everyone is full of motivation and ready to take on the next 12 weeks. Stick with it through the highs and lows (you will have both) and you will be so proud of yourself and your new body! Let's rock and roll!

  • hey Suzi, i also do the same thing, i cook ahead of time to be prepared for the week. I woke up at 0350 am today and attempted to do the first upper body workout and i wasn't able to complete in 46 minutes mainly because the dumbbells i use have to be switched up in order to increase the lbs. i think once i get the hang of it, i will be a  lot quicker. @marathonmama! you look absolutely amazing! i'm so glad you are here and starting up challenge two, you are absolute extra motivation for me! :)

  • Hi,

    I started today too. This is my first challenge thou...