Official Challenge Start Date 6/1/11

  • Hello all.... I have been on program for about two weeks but 6/1/11 is my first official start day for the challenge!

     I am super excited and extremely motivated!

    If anybody else is starting on this let's all keep in touch and share ideas on this forum section!

    Good luck everyone!


  • Dale - Awesome and welcome back to the both of us

    Have a Great weekend and I'll see you in the gym - Let's not just do it....

    Let's finish this!

    (I'm starting Monday 5/31)

  • Marqui  did you start your work out this morning? How many times have you started this challenge before? This will be like my 5th i think.


  • Hey Dale,

    Had to do it later in the day, but got it done and it feels great!  Many many years ago I've started and stalled, and last year I finally finished a real challenge,but didn't get the results I wanted (in the beginning I didn't push my intensity like it should)  but made some great friends and great motivation.

    This time around it's not really about what I will look like on the outside (although that will naturally happen) it's more of how I will feel on the inside.  My goal is to follow the program to the T for the 84 days.  it's ALL mental, it's about learning to follow a planned schedule (something I suck at in different areas of my life)

    So Rock on!

    Marqui Dee   C2W1D2

  • I also am starting the challenge today for the umpteenth time.

  • WOW..... Today is Day 1 and the morning has started off great! Got my work out in and pushed myself to failure on several sets, i know for sure i left it all in the gym. I went and got food to finish out this week last night and I am determined to finish this challenge! I just have to keep focused on one day at a time, one meal at a time and one set at a time.  I am still working on the schedule stuff but they say once you do something 11 times in a row it becomes habit!

    Good luck guys and gals.... keep me posted!


  • A full set of lower, upper and cardio now recorded.  Certain excercises I was able to increase weights as I haven't found the true 9 and 10 intensity.   Good burn, I'll know tomorrrow if I pushed it enough by how sore I expect to be.

    ~Peach.....let go of the idea of starting for the umpteenth time.....celebrate instead that you will finish for the first time!   Keep at it!  Keep going.    Check out some earlier BFL'rs who just finished recently, it's motivating.  You can do it!!

    ~Marqui D.   C2W1D3

  • So, glad that I have made it to day 6...I have managed to have 5 stars out of 6 on my progress chart.  Yesterday, I didn't give myself a slash for nutrition because I ate extra rice and shrimp.  It wasn't unhealthy food, but I know my portion size was above.  

    So, still feeling good.  Looking forward to finishing cardio today and enjoying the first free day tomorrow.

    How is everyone else doing?

    Marq..thanks for the words of encouragement....your progress pics look great

  • Hey everybody!  This is C1W1D6 for me :)  I am about to do my cardio for the day!  It's 100 degrees outside!

    I'm looking for a team to be an encouragement for this challenge, because I would like to experience what it's like to be fit and trim for the first time in my life.  When I've been fit (for sports) in the past, I still carried a layer or two of extra fat!  Not this time!  I'm going all the way :)


  • Alright Gretchen..... how did the cardio go? Be careful in that heat!  I had my cardio this morning... really pushed myself towards the end.

    I am ready to get back to being thin... i lost 105lbs in high school and was down to 165lbs.. to small for a guy with my frame, went from playing defensive line to linebacker because I got so small, and gradually gained it ALL back plus some over the course of 15 years and ready to shed it off.  You can do it.... but you gotta PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and then PLAN some more. Plan meals EVERY meal and the work outs to... the eating is my biggest problem.. I have always lifted weights and stayed strong but never controlled what I put in my mouth, always went for the cheap and easy... and see where it got me.

    How are you doing on meal planning? You can do IT. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.


  • Hey Dale,

     I'm jumping back into this thing head first.  I've been going for about a week to get my weights figured out so i can maximize my time and get the most of my workouts. Starting officially Monday the 12th, Good luck and email if you need anything.

  • So, today is Day 8 of my BFL challengeā€¦I feel good and am excited about doing my workout and eating clean this week.  

    Yesterday was my first free day.  I tried to go back and eat Burger King breakfast yesterday, but the hash browns just didn't taste as good as I remember.  It seemed a bit greasy.

    @Dale...congrats on your prep week...

  • So today is my second free day..still haven't followed the program to the letter but feel good about my progress...

  • So, where is everyone at...this is the end of week three.  

    Today is another free day.  But, I will be sticking to the eating 6 healthy meals, because last week I only managed one day of perfect clean eating.  I had plenty of cheat moments.

    At my weigh in this Sunday, I weighed about 183.5 lbs.  That is about a 2.5 pound loss in three weeks.  I am aiming to hit 182 by the end of four weeks.  So, I will really have to make the effort to eat clean for the next 7 days.

    Today is Day anyone still in the Challenge?

    Hope to hear from you guys.


  • Well, took an almost 30 day picture's actually day 26...couldnt tell much difference. I think my thighs are smaller...the shorts I had on did fit better than before

    But, my BF% actually went up. And, I am back to 185...that is up 1.5 lbs from 5 days ago, but down 1 ld for the total challenge.  I already know where I am lacking, and that is in the kitchen.  

    Going into the 2nd month I will probably add 10 minutes of light cardio....

    We will see...motivation is down a bit...