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  • Gee, we've all gone a bit quiet.  We are fast approaching the end of week 2 which I am thankful for as it has certainly not been the best for me.  I missed two cardio sessions and my eating has just been weird.  I have learnt my lesson though - I really need to organise my meals the night or a couple of days before.  My week has had a lot of personal ups and downs.  DH was meant to go away for two weeks, but then after two days he was back and then i had to take my older son to the hospital and sit in emergency for 3 hours.

    I almost feel like like scrapping this challenge and starting again, but I know that is just quitting so I am perserving onto my week 3, this time with better planning for the week.  I have been good with my weight training and have nailed every session for which I am very proud of and at the moment I feel that I need to focus on my successes rather than the failure parts.  As this is my journey not a journey of having to be perfect, there are no marks being given by anyone and it is not as though I will be an 'after photo' after these 12 weeks I have a couple of challenges to go and if I restart after ever minor stumble I will never complete a challenge!

    Okay, so I have one day left of week 2 and I have plans to go go to the gym and smash out a good cardio session.  I will not be taking a free day today as I have taken a few free days in the week.

    I hope that everyone else 2nd week was much better than mine and look forward to a more organised and well planned week 3.

  • Houston do we have a problem??

    Where is everybody?

    Day 16 of 84.

    The hardest two weeks are behind us! Cheers!

    Hope everyone is doing well and crushing the program.

    For me, those two weeks were more fine tuning than anything else. Not perfect.

    Had to switch some days around, but I've managed to make up and complete 100% of the workouts, sure some days are better than others, but the better days are slowly edging out the bad. My nutrition is I'd say close to 90% to where I should be, I'd like to close that 10% gap in the following two weeks.

    Also on the plus side, no where near as sore after workouts as when we started.

    Have lost around 7 lbs of fat, down 2% :-) I'm very happy with that. Waist is down to 33.5-34" from 36" that stat makes me smile when I look at myself when I wake up.

    Been feeling much lighter lately, agile, I've been increasing weight on training sets slowly but surely, so I'm getting stronger bit by bit. 

    Also, people have started to comment on how I look leaner, tone(r), and how my skin is looking better though I've never had skin problems (I think it's all  the fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, and water).

    Sure it's hard some days, but if I'm not feeling up for the challenge on any one given day, I don't beat myself over it, I meditate about it, look at the bigger picture and incorporate the missed workout within the the same week when I think its most appropriate for my body and mind. 

    I feel fortunate and accomplished that I am able to carry out this program thus far. My reward is slowly feeling better and this enables me to continue working out and better enjoy my family, friends, and interests. All this with summer-time Sweet Home Chicago as my playground. 

    Brick by brick we can accomplish this. Stay strong.   


  • Glad to see someone else is still around!  You sound like you are doing really well JagPaw.

    Seeing as you mentioned it - is the soreness after weights meant to decrease mine has diappeared and I wondered if it was meant to or if I just wasn't working hard enough.  Even though I am increasing my weights right across every exercise except my stuipid assisted chin ups (although I can do more of those now!)

  • I'm still here!

    I've been busy with work but I've managed to keep doing it absolutely by the book except I had white rice one day and I had my free day late this week. I've set myself a rule that I can put the free day back if I want to for social reasons but I can't bring it forward. That way I feel like I've earned it. I might even stick to BFL for a couple of scheduled free days so I have some 'credit' for immediate use!

    I injured my back on Mondays UPWO and was struggling with yesterdays run, I may have to use a cross trainer to do the cardio for a while and protect my back during weights. I've been really disciplined so far, I'd be gutted if I got injured now.

    Juggler, I'm still really sore after workouts and I don't think this will ever go away, you just get stronger. There's obviously a difference between sore and injured though the line gets a bit blurred for me sometimes. I think if I've recovered by the time the next workout comes round then thats all just part of the sacrifice. Got to learn to like it I guess.

    I weigh myself too much really and it obviously fluctuates a lot but depending on when I do it I've lost between 7 and 10 pounds. I can feel definate difference. trousers are looser and the belts come in a notch.

    I suppose it was inevitable that not everyone would want to contribute to the forum for the full 12 weeks (even if they haven't dropped out) but when I don't get the chance to post I'm still reading and wishing you all well.

    Keep it up everyone.

  • So we are almost done with week 3, how is everybody progressing? I was worried that if I did not do everything perfectly I would not see any results. So far the scale has not moved much but I can feel the difference in my clothes. I will try to work up some courage and send my before and week 4 pics after next week. I do have a couple questions. First I love me some cheese but see that it is mostly on the banned list even low fat, has anybody tried Soy Cheese, and if so how was it. Second 1/4 cup of raisins in my oatmeal in the A.M makes it easier to eat for me. I see raisins in some recipes and grapes are on the OK food list but does the same apply to raisins?

  • Hey, all!  I'm still here, too.  Wow, in reading the posts lately, it seems like 'life' is happening to all of us.   My first week was perfect to the letter, but week 2 quickly fell apart as we took the weekend away at the lake.  This week, I have decided to make a major career change, and I have been busy with all that has been a part of that.  Now that the dust has settled, I am ready to get re-focused.  Somehow, I've managed to keep up with the workouts, but the food choices have not been as good.  I went to the store yesterday and restocked my healthy foods/Myoplex so I am back in 100% today.  Despite some less than stellar food choices, I am still down 6 lbs.  I see big changes in the muscles in my legs, too.  

    Juggler, don't give up!  The challenge hasn't gone exactly the way I had hoped it would either,  but we can and will refocus and persevere.  It may take me several challenges, too, to get where I want.  But I believe in this program.  Let's finish this!  

    JagPaw, congrats on the weight loss and the physical changes that you are seeing.  I can tell from your posts that you feel better about yourself/stronger.  That's awesome!

    bcbhes, sounds as though you are reaping the rewards of sticking to the challenge, too. Congrats on the looser clothing.  Won't it be nice to go shopping for a smaller size soon?  

    jc, I try to avoid the cheese, but I see in some of the recipes online that they do use small portions of the low fat varieties.  Not sure about raisins.

    Hope you all have a great rest of the week and are ready to tackle week 4 soon!  

  • JC - The omission in the book of dried fruit is a mistake in my opinion as there is no guidance provided at all. I can't see that it's a problem as fruit and veg are both fine and that is all it is, as long as you're careful which dried fruit you buy (some have sugar added). I also use it in porridge (which I finally found out is the same as Oatmeal after I looked it up on google!) and on an otherwise pretty horrible bran flake breakfast cereal.

    I also love cheese, preferably with a good glass of red wine but that's for free days only for me, except cottage cheese of course. I've never tried soy cheese, if you do be sure to share your thoughts.

    I think in general I'm eating more fruit and veg that is recommended (adding one portion twice a day???) but I can't see how that's a problem.

    Jagpaw - Love the brick by brick comment. Exactly how I feel.

    Juggler, Don't quit! It'll be much harder to start again than to knock off the rough edges now.

    In my journal I've been writing down lessons learned, I don't know if anyone else will find them useful, they're all individual but it might help someone so here goes-

    1. I only drink one cup of caffeinated coffee per day. Otherwise you have to drink more water to offset it.

    2. It's important not to start flat out in the gym. Build the intensity during the workouts but make sure I max out on the last set.

    3. Keep focussing on why I'm doing this.

    4. Stretch after running.

    5. Throw away excess food I'd otherwise have snacked on. Remove temptation.

    6. Remember protein at breakfast.

    7. Form is more important than weight. Lift and lower sloooowlllllyyyy.

    8. Train calf muscles independently.

    and most importantly of all...

    9. Don't let hunger control portion size. Even if I'm absolutely starving, palm size protein, fist size carbs, veg and loads of water. I just have to convince myself that it WILL be enough, contrary to a lifetimes experience.

  • Oops, two more things to add.

    I make my own chilli sauce so I know exactly what's in it and use it constantly to make stuff less bland. Really easy to do, takes about an hour to make enough for a fortnight and the only banned ingredient is a small amount of sugar. (not enough to worry about). If anyone wants the recipe just say.

    If you want a sociable meal out with friends which complies with BFL try a sushi restaurant. Tiny little portions, healthy fish, you can have just one whilst your friends have four or five and you're involved without using up a free day. (generally white rice though, but not much of it in one portion).

    I suppose Tapas would be the same portion wise but the food isn't as healthy.

    Bye for now.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I started on the 30th of May too.  I have been reading this thread sporadically and decided to join in.

    I started this challenge because life cirmumstances caused my youngest daughter and her two small children (1 1/2 and 3) to move in with me temporarily.  It wasn't until I was running after two toddlers, that I realized just how out of shape I was.  Putting them in daycare caused them to bring home every bug in the book (they had never even had the sniffles before).  Everything they brought home, I caught too.  I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    I have known about BFL for many years.  I even started a couple of challenges in the past, but never saw them thru.  This time is different.  Before when reading the book it didn't really sink in, I just don't think I was really ready.  As I read the book this time, everything clicked.  The month of May, I spent trying to adjust my eating habits so it wouldn't be a total shock to my system.  I also started doing some exercise.  I scheduled time with a personal trainer at the gym where I have had a membership for awhile (I only used it because membership came with free tanning).  I wanted to do this pretty much on my own, so my time with the trainer was basically showing me how to use all of the different pieces of equipment and learning the correct adjustments for the seats and backs.

    So, here we are, week 3 day 4.  I have only missed 1 UBWO, and 2 cardio segments.  I have followed the food very well except for 2 meals where I splurged not on a Free Day, and 1 whole day during a mini vacation weekend.

    I was beginning to worry when I only saw the scale had moved 4 pounds lighter until I took the tape measure out this morning.  The scale may not say much, but in this short amount of time I have already lost 6 inches.  That is definitely motivation to keep going.

    People at work have just started coming up and saying "What are you doing?  You look like you are losing weight..." "Was that you I saw at the gym last night?" It feels great to know that others see changes even when I can't see them myself yet.

    Everyone keep it up!  I get discouraged sometimes too.  Now I just tell myself that I am in control of every decision I make.  Every good decision is getting me one step closer to my goal.  Every slip is not total devastation, just a bump in the road.  I pick myself up, dust myself off and keep going.  The journey I am on looks better with each step.

  • Hi everyone,

      my name is Max. I started a few days after you lot on the 4th of June and would love to join the group.

     I have just become a full time single parent to my 6 year old daughter after her mom was unable to continue to do so. I'm very happy about it actually but it is taking a bit of getting used to so this is the main reason for doing this. I was 277 lb. i was finding it very hard to get motivated and just didn't have the energy to keep up with her.

    I've did  the challenge  back in 2002 with good results and hopefully i can stick with it this time around.

     I haven't weighed myself yet as i wanted to get the first 2 weeks out of the way, so i have gone straight thru with no free day yet  { my first one will be tomorrow } so i will weigh myself in the morning.

     Best wishes to you all.

  •    Hey everyone, First day back after my free day yesterday and i feel really good.

          When i did my 2 week weigh in on sunday morning i came in at 263 lb and 36% bodyfat. A loss of 14 lb for the 2 weeks and 12% of my body fat.

          I hope you are all well and feeling positive and continuing on with the challenge.  Max

  •                       PS...... Sorry about the photo but it helps motivate me.

  • Good to see heaps more people, was feeling lonely for a while there.  I am still not perfect, but  that horrible thing called life is still getting in the way.  My eldest has been quite ill with his CF so I have been focusing a bit on that - he has been on a bit of a downward spiral for the last 3 months.  How every something over the weekend finally dislodged and today there was an amazing turn-a-round and finally we saw some improvement in lung function.  I am also in the last week of semester 1 so it is full on testing, exams and marking and the dreaded report writing.  On the up side it is only 4 more working days and then a nice two week break.

    MAX - don't worry about  the picture, as long as it motivates you and keeps you going that what counts.  Have you checked out body for life tracker   - it is a great place to add all you photos and measurements and keep the 12 weeks measurements and compare over the time.  It is full of ads, but if you can stand looking as them flashing its all free otherwise you can pay a moderate fee to have them removed.

  • Hey Everyone. Just wanted to share this with you all.

    I'm a chronic believer, to a fault, that the grass is greener on the other side.

    What do I mean by this, in the context of BFL??

    Recently I got a Personal Training Package through Bally. Now, there are slight to stark differences from club to club within the Bally Network, so I decided to get the most of these limited sessions I would travel an extra 10 miles to the flagship Bally in Chicago. A big club in a trendy neighborhood full of young professionals, arguably it's most athletic and blatantly, with the best looking physiques around. I would assume the club with its most demanding patrons, thus better trainers.

    So I meet my trainer, whom of course looks like is wearing body armor under his snug red t-shirt, perfect tan, and dwarfs me even at 6 feet. You know the type. He's a cool attentive down to earth guy underneath the action figure build.

    I meet and I explain to him what my goals are. He proceeds to give me a foundation for exercise and nutrition. We sit, talk and crunch my numbers for a good 30 minutes. I mention nothing about BFL. This is what he comes up with, which he explains in great detail with lecture and handouts, but I summarize it here.

    Eat 6 balanced meals. complex carbs, good fats, 1g protein per lb. of bodyweight.

    Work out with free weights 3/4 times a week starting with the larger muscle groups.

    Do the following reps for sets. 12,10,8,6. Increasing weight as you go down the sets.

    Drink lots of water.

    Do cardio 2-3 times a week. Specifically high intensity interval training. (HIIT)

    Supplement with whey protein and a mutivitamin.

    Supplement with gultamine, creatine if I'd like.

    Look Familiar???

    Nutrition according to BFL. Workouts almost identical to BFL, in regards to sets, reps, intensity.

    Cardio prescription, same type of training (HIIT)

    Supplements? sounds like EAS Myoplex and EAS Phosphagen (Creatine).

    The nutrition sheet, looked almost identical to BFL approved foods.

    I learned that grass is the same shade of green in the personal training turf. I hypothetically asked him, had I gotten another trainer and explained my goals would I have gotten the same advice? He said "Yes, because it works".

    Then I told him that I had been following BFL and that all that he said made sense to me and I have implementing it, then we proceeded to tailor BFL for me. We agreed that because of my leaner nature and current shape and goals, we should cut down on cardio, or make it really intense, as in like sprints, jumps, plyometrics, etc. And I have a 4 day split for weights instead of 3. Then I asked him a few questions in a "what do YOU do/would YOU do" fashion. Then I picked his brain in regards to supplementation, timing, dosage, etc. Weight increments in sets, etc. That is where I got my money's worth.

    In a nut shell. Staring out, BFL is just as good as a PT program at a fraction of the cost. This program comes from the top, from proven methods developed in the 80s and 90s at World's Gym in Venice Beach, Ca. (I researched Bill Phillips). From the top because the techniques developed and practiced in this particular subculture by a few has grown to be implemented en masse. Incorporated in every gym in America. Could be regarded as once privileged research. Now, It's all there for the taking. we just have to do it.

    Let Week 4 start.


  •   Hey Juggler, thanks for the link. You really have a lot on your plate (so to speak). I'm run off my feet with one healthy kid. My hats off to you for how you are going through all these challenges that life has and still sticking in there with this one , with lots of positivity and support for others.  I really do wish you all the best for your family.

     My training and nutrition is going great and i am starting to get more energy and confidence that goes with it.  

     Come on Everyone, Let's make this a great experience for everybody!