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  • broncosfan,  I had a PT set me up for weights and stuff and for the abs he did increase the weights each set of reps.  In the end I did 5 sets of 12 after the third set of reps, the fourth set the weight decreased to the weight my seoncd set was, then the fifth set decreased again to the weight of my initial set.

    Set 1 = weight 1

    Set 2 = weight 2 (increase)

    Set 3 = weight 3 (increase)

    Set 4 = weight 2 (decrease)

    Set 5 = weight 1 (decrease)

    I certainly was able to feel my abs for a couple of days after that.   Hope that info helps.

  • Juggler, thanks for the link I hadn't found that one and it looks really motivational. I know exactly what you mean about increasing the weights once you've finished. I didn't want to use a weight belt because it made me feel fat. Like back injury is preferable...

    The whole BFL is a personal thing. For example I have always rock climbed but I'm nowhere near the standard I used to be. Which is not surprising with 32 lb extra to carry! Climbing performance is all about power to weight and for that reason, for me, scale weight does matter. And now I'm doing something about it at last which is great.

    Free day today and I just don't want to eat rubbish even though I'm allowed. How weird.

  • Cheat Day - I had my cheat day yesterday, and I ate cake and ice cream.  I can't say that I didn't want it like bcbehs above lol, but my stomach is a bit wonky today.   I guess my body didn't enjoy it as much as I did lol.   I lost 1.5 lbs last week and I'm ecstatic!  

    I have been continuing to count calories in CalorieKing and I think I'm actually eating a few more calories/day than I was before - but losing weight.   This is good.   Of course, the thing about counting calories is that when I had a bad day I just didn't count, so the average calorie count was probably actually higher.  


  • Thanks for the tip on abs, Juggler!  

  • Hey everyone! :) Week 1 is done.... I was down 3 lbs. I'm very pleased with this. Looking fwd to the next 11 weeks, take care!

  • Really pushed myself tonight to hit my 10's.  My trainer has split my UBWO into two differnt sessions.  Pushing muscles on Mondays and then on Fridays I am doing pulling muscles and back muscles.

    Doing my stuff tonight I was really surprised that after only two sessions on these muscles I was already increasing my weights a little and still hitting my reps well.  I had just two machines to go in my session and they were both being used, so rather than just stand around I jumped on the abs machine and did and extra set for the week.  I could feel them and I strongly suspect that they will be killing on Wednesday.

  • Hi Everyone

    We are into a second week! Sweet! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Mine was fabulous! I took my day off on Saturday, and enjoyed a day in Madison on State Street where they had a classic car show and lots of excitement!  

    There are 4 more people in my area/gym that joined this program at the same time I did and are also supportive!  It's a great way to hang with people. Some of us are going on a hike tomorrow and seeing some sites - it's a great aerobic workout! With me, my trainer, 2 of my other friends and the other 4 - that is quite a support group over here! :)

    I had to stop running/jogging. I resorted to walking every morning - more as a meditation than a workout. It's a fabulous way to start the day :) Then I took my aerobic workout to other area... hiking up on bluffs, rollerblading, aerobics at the gym, etc. Today is a UBWO. I skipped my walk this morning cause it was raining and did yoga instead.

    My biggest challenge last week was eating so much and drinking 10 glasses of water. So, I hope to do better!

    Keep it up!


  • Congrats on 3 lb. weight loss, Metta!  That is an awesome way to start.  

    Tomorrow is my weigh in and my 'free day' with exercise.  I am due for a free food day, but not sure how I want to spend that.  May just do a regular food day tomorrow but allow myself a treat of some kind.  Anxious to see the scale tomorrow.  I feel great!

  • I really screwed up today. I did not plan my work lunch well and ended up going to a mexican place with the new boss, and for some reason I thought Cardio was today instead of LBWO. O'well I will shake it off and start over tomorrow. I am finding really good ideas in the recipe section so that should help.

  • Great losses Metta and Val, it's nice to see the scales going down as you get stronger as well.

    JClinenorton - Good thing for shaking it off and moving on, we are still in the early learning phases of this program.  I think i need to check out the recipe section as well because I am seriously lacking in the ideas department for meals.

    Fingers crossed Broncosfan!

  • I weighed in this AM & had a 5 lb. weight loss!  Thrilled with this.  I can physically tell a big difference already.  Still have a long way to go, but definitely encouraged by the results so far.  Today is my free day for exercise...going to take a free meal one evening this week instead of an entire free day.  I have a big weekend at the lake coming up, and I am seriously doubting that Sat. or Sun. will go well--food wise.  Plan to take one of those as a 'free day' for the following week.  

    For the recipes, I tried the taco salad.  I made this and served it on a whole wheat tortilla that I browned in a dab of olive oil on the stovetop. Wow, was it ever good!  I also really like the Protein pudding--although I make 4 servings out of it rather than the servings are huge!  I see on the home page there is a recipe for stuffed peppers.  That sounds really good. I have some peppers coming on in the garden.  Can't wait to try that recipe out.  

    Take care all & happy week 2!

  • That is an awesome loss Broncosfan.  I must admit I like using pounds to see my losses because for every kilogram its 2.2 pounds.  So it sounds like heaps and heaps to me.  Good idea for the weekend taking it as next weeks free day.

    I had taco salad early in the week (really  I am too lazy to put it in a shell, so I rip up a tortilla and call it a salad!).  I am definetly going to make the pudding this week, I keep reading people rave about it.

    For breakfast I made the egg white buritto.  It was amazing.  My oldest son (11) also benefitted, I made it the same but I through into his eggs my eggs yolks to get the fat content up for him and heaped it with cheese, he thought it was the bees knees!  (My kids have cystic fibrosis and need a high fat, high salt, high sugar diet).  It was nice to sit down to the sameish breakfast.

    Have been to the gym this morning and completed my LBWO + abs, upped some of my weights again for the legs.  Which is good.  I missed my cardio yesterday as I had my parents over for dinner and it was too late to get my run in after they left.  SO I took it as my free exercise day for the week.

  • Good Work you guys! Awesome Loss Bronco! Keep it up! I started to really work my abs. I got the P90x 15 minute ab workout and it's really a good workout for abs! Being the second week in , I do not have weights with the ab workout.

    My eating is going great! The key is water.

    Did a great Cardio yesterday, we climbed to the top of Devils lake Bluffs ( 1.5 mile up and down)! IT rocked and I feel it today!

    Doing fabulous!


  • I think your right Shelly - water is the key.  I have let it slip a little, we are in winter here so it so hard to drink cold water - I have to remember to warm it up.

    Sounds like a great cardio Shelley.

  • so im a little dissapointed in my LBWO today I think I tried to add to much weight so I was not able to hit my last 12 reps on some and gassed out on my 6 reps on a couple of exercises. I think I may lower all my weights and lift slower concentraiting on form. I am trying to get in shape for MMA classes so I think that even though this plan will not get me looking as good as some of the other challengers it will help with my fighting. Tomorrow is cheat day for me but I plan on staying pretty close to my diet, I may just have a cheat meal.