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  • Well today was a bit of a bummer. I was weak for lunch but had a pretty good dinner. Since I left for work at 0600 and didn't get home til 9:00p I decided to skip the cardio today but do it tomorrow with my lower body workout. Is that cheating?

  • Hey Team,

    Greetings from JagPaw

    Day 4 of 84 WAS A GREAT DAY!

    Just wanted to share a few “realizations” I had today that might help some of you and to THANK those whom perhaps unknowingly provided golden advice in your posts.

    Today Day 4 I had the best workout I have had in YEARS of working out on-and-off before starting BFL and the best workout yet on BFL. It could have been today’s nutrition, water intake or it could have been my newly implemented strict policy of resting exactly the minute(s) allotted between sets, maybe it was a combination of all of the above, all I know is that it equated to an overall a great experience such that I feel compelled to share it.

    I should preface this by saying that since starting BFL May 29 and test driving the program for 2 weeks before officially starting, I was feeling pretty tired and sleepy during the day despite sleeping a good 8 hours and eating lots of protein. Also I felt I had a faint persistent headache and mild irritability. Some of you advised to drink more water and adjust carb intake to others in your posts, so I tried that today and lo- and behold, I felt great! I’m still working out the kinks of the nutrition part, and even though I ate out all day except the first meal, I think I managed to do pretty well.

    What I ate (list follows on second page) gave me sustained energy all day, a positive mood and a mental clarity that even surprised me.  I just wanted to share. In short this is what I did differently today that had me grooving,

    1.       Nutrient Packed Smoothie first thing in the morning.

    2.       More Complex carbs (and dare I say it, a few simple carbs) throughout the day.

    3.       A whole lot of water. The weird thing is, for the first time, my body just asked for it.

    4.       Following exactly the rest period between sets made a world of difference. Meaning, I used a stop watch to time (+/- 2 seconds), instead of guessing or estimating with TV commercials, LOL. This allowed me to lift with more intensity and focus. Would highly recommend trying it. Did my UPWO today as I had to shuffle some days around this first week, and I hit ALL my 10s. At the end I felt, strong, accomplished, a bit shaky and was so pumped I had to go up a notch on my wrist watch at the end of my workout. I have deflated since then L, LOL.

    5.       Finally may be related or not, but I listened to Classic–Feel-Good-MOTOWN on the iPod as I pumped, had me almost shaking it in the weight room, haha!


     Anyway, just thought I’d share and can only hope that I feel this good tomorrow. Will keep you posted. Good Luck to you all.



    Day’s Nutrition Follows

    I know the nutrition deviates a bit from BFL but I’m still fine tuning. I will get there. 

    1.       Super Smoothie @ Home

    a.       1 cup 1% Milk,

    b.      ½ cup Reduced-Fat Plain Yogurt,

    c.       ½ cup Frozen Berries,

    d.      ½ cup Plain Steel Cut Oatmeal (as thickener/complex carbs),

    e.      25g Whey Protein Powder.

    f.        16 oz. H2O, on side, not in shake.

    g.       Supplements: Multivitamin, Fish Oil, L-Glutamine.

    2.       Toasty Whole Wheat Turkey Sub, 6 inch @ Subway

    a.       No cheese,

    b.      ALL veggies (Spinach, onions, green peppers, olives, cukes, tomato)

    c.       No mayo/sauce, just giardinera and oregano.

    d.      Bag Heart Healthy Baked Original SUN Chips.

    e.      16 oz. Sweetened Fuze Ice Tea. (I don’t drink High Fructose Corn Syrup drinks like this one, but given how good I felt after this drink, I bet I was LOW in carbs, just have to find a healthier alternative, like a whole orange/OJ or so.)

    3.       Snack @ Starbucks

    a.       12 oz. Coffee Black (Coffee at midday?? Ritual of mine.)

    b.      Trail Mix.

    c.       8 oz. Organic Milk.

    d.      16. oz H2O (to offset the diuretic effect of coffee)

    4.       Pre-Workout @ Bally

    a.       Some strange Watermelon Drink I bought at the club’ store. Don’t even remember the brand but it looked “Hard-core”. Not that good, but it had vitamins, few carbs and a good amount of creatine (forgot my creatine at home) and it sure fired me up for my workout. Drank it during my 10 minute warm-up and I was good to go to lift heavy after.  Probably won’t buy it again, though.

    b.      Something to the tune of 40 oz. H2O during lifting.  Didn’t force it, the body just asked for it.

    5.       Post Workout “Snack” @ Bally

    a.       Myoplex Shake 25g. Protein

    b.      20 oz. H2O leaving the gym.

    6.       Dinner @ Noodles & Co. – Best Tasting Meal All Day

    a.       Whole Grain Linguini Pasta,

    b.      Olive oil/white wine as sauce,

    c.       Shrimp and veggies,

    d.      Small house salad with spicy dressing.

    e.      16 oz H2O.

    7.       Close to Bed Time snack

    a.       Small serving All-Bran Cereal with,

    b.      ½ cup 1% Milk,

    c.       16 oz. hot Peppermint (Naturally decaf) Herbal Tea…to…finally…..unwind….phew!


  • Day 5 is done and dusted for me.  Went straight from work to the gym and did my UBWO with my PT.  We did a cardio session straight after of boxing and then stair climbing and I can tell you that I am shattered.  Did a pizza for dinner which was great.  Just got my last meal of the day to go at 9:30pm and then bed.  

    So far the week has been pretty good and I am very happy with my ability to stick to the plan

    Its great to see our group expanding.

  • Day 5.  I feel GREAT!!!  Chickened out my first UBWO.  Had a great cardio.  Had a so-so LBWO (need to adjust weights...didn't reach a 10 on most). Had another great cardio (skipped the 6-7-8-9-10 intensity program and just did 3 miles).  And today...I DID the chickening out!!!  Even had a buff guy visit and encourage me.  I feel better about the exercising world.  Thought I'd look stupid...but feel confident at the moment that the buff guys still encourage the out-of-shape world!  lol My Upper body feels like rubber I know I was successful!  :) I'm down 2lbs still...hoping for 3lbs by Tuesday June 7th.  

    I'm in a teacher's weight-loss contest from May 31st to August 23rd.  There is $1320 in prize money.  I'm taking my boys to Disneyland in October so I could totally use the cash prize!  :)  There are 4 prizes.  1st is biggest percentage weight loss.  2nd is biggest percentage inches lost.  3rd and 4th and most pounds lost and most inches lost.  One person could win it all.  I think I can do it...I really think I can!  :)

    All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...Walt Disney


  • well it has been a crazy week, but I think I am getting the hang of it. I did UBWO today and today was my cheat day on the diet part (date night with the miss) which will usally be Saturdays. It was a litte strange hitting the gym after eating crap all day, Sunday is the rest day for exercise. I do  have a question. I was using the assisted dip machine for my Tricepts and the handels go two way inside and outside. Is there a difference in the two positions as to which mucsles it works. The dips just hurt all over when I did em lol.

  • So, do you start a new "gettin' better all the time" thread each Monday...or do I keep searching to the end of the link?  I might not just know the protocol of communicating through threads...teach me.  If it's as simple as I think it is...can we start a new weekly "Gettin' Better All The Time" thread on Monday's???

    All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...Walt Disney


  • Jagpaw.

    Yes, that was a bit helpful. I look forward to the day that I enjoy drinking all the water. I really do. I get up to 5 maybe 6. I feel bloated and full all the time and I am really sick of peeing! lol!


  • Amyidaho

    I did weights (upper body) today and did a great job! I really enjoy working out with someone. i have a partner at the gym and he pushes me and I him and we get much better workout that way/!  I hit a 10 on almost every set today! That rocks!

    Now, if my eating would just get a little better!

    Good luck on the Teacher competition!

    Shelley ( Shellaire)

  • Do we continue this thread or start a new one each Monday?  Help me out...

    All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...Walt Disney


  • I am finished for the week! Looking forward to my free day.

  • Amyidaho

    We continue this thread for 12 weeks, then start a new one for second rounders. . .etc.


  • Me too Juggler!

    Today is my free day :) Looking forward to a great day with my friend!


  • Hi everyone.

    Week 1 finished.

    I have had another good days eating, skinned chicken and wholemeal tortillas was particularly good. I did my cardio before breakfast this morning and then had an 8 hour drive which, once I'd prepared the meals, made it quite easy to eat right. The cardio felt a bit sluggish but I still gave it 100% during the 10s. Six days exercise in a row! I haven't done that for 20 years...

    Which brings me on to a strange coincidence. Today an ex gave me a box of stuff I'd forgotten about and she'd had in her loft for years. I found my old fitness tests from 1991. I was 24 and weighed 165 lbs, last week I was 197 lbs. Now I don't suppose I'm ever going to lose 32 lbs (barring serious illness or amputation!) but it will be really interesting to see how close I can get.

    And I'm off to a good start. Weighing myself first thing in the morning to keep things consistent, I've lost an honest 5 lbs in six days. I'm delighted.

    I have stuck to the program exactly. Not one crumb has passed my lips of anything on the banned list. I know how I think. It was my daughter's birthday this week. If I say "just one slice of birthday cake, it's only once, I'm being polite" etc etc then I have made up my own rules. And if I start doing that then I'm not on "body for life", I'm on my own version which would eventually slip. So I have to be utterly strict with myself. I know different people are motivated in different ways, this is just mine. Absolutely no excuses. And the best thing is when I explain myself to friends and family they are all totally supportive and don't think I'm being rude turning down the food they have prepared. Which I was really worried about.

    I intend to enjoy my day off tomorrow, but I'm not going to go crazy, just relax a bit and maybe have a glass of wine or two.

    JC, I'm no expert but I guess the dip machine works subtly different muscle groups. I don't suppose it matters from the BFL point of view. I'd be tempted to use the other position as the second set of 12 after your high point. Saves messing about with other machines too.

    Amy, teacher competition sounds great, and you sound so positive too. I'm starting to enjoy the 10s on the cardio now, go for it next time, you might be surprised...

    Keep it up everyone, we're 8.3% there!

  • Anyone else using the BFL Tracker website.  I am and I am so stoked to read my comaparison results that it works out for you based on your measurements.  This week I lost 7.2lbs of fat and gained 5.4lbs of muscle.  That is so exciting to read and shows that scale weight is really just a number.  I lost 6cm of my waist this week which is 2.3 inches.  You can also put in your weekly photos to keep a pictorial record of change.  I have taken my photos but am not brave enough to put them up there at the moment (@ 233 pds can you blame me!)  perhaps after I have finished the 12 weeks I will feel better.

    JC I use the assited dip machine as well and I just change hand grips to suit how I feel at the point, this is the machine I struggle with the most.  I was so embarrassed at the weight I had on it when I used it that I put on a differnt weight when I finished themachine so the next person wouldn't see how much I truly hand on it - dumb hey!

    Amy teacher compeition sounds great to keep your focus especially as you head towards that holiday.

    I am off to do my shopping for next weeks food and I am going to try and plan my food for the week rather than just the day the night before.

    Happy free day everyone.

  • Erinnurse--One thing I have done in the past is to keep some dark chocolate around and eat just a small piece after meals.  Seems to give you a sweet treat without too many calories.

    Amy--What an incentive!  That cash would definitely come in handy on your family trip.

    I've been following the program exactly as well.  Yesterday was LBWO and today I was so sore!  I know it was the squats!  

    I have a question too.  How are you supposed to reach higher intensity on ab exerciese?  To me, a crunch if a crunch.  I don't see how you can raise the intensity unless you add weights.  Is that the idea?  I feel all other parts of the LB and UB workouts are highly effective...I just don't get the ab part.  

    I'm considering when to take my food "free day."  Seriously thinking of just taking a "free meal" as I can't imagine wrecking a whole day after I've worked so hard all week!