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  • hi over comer! Thats awesome.that you are taking these steps! Hang in there! It will all be worth it!!

  • Hello all!! I made 5/30 my official start date. I am 29 yrs old and have 4 kids (the youngest is 10mo old). I am a nurse and only work 3 days a week so getting to the gym on my work days is going to be a challenge. I am used to working out atleast 3x per week (usually) but this is really take it up a few notches (I am already sore). I have a lot of work to do. I need to lose 20lbs and do some major toning. My absolute biggest obstacle is going to be controlling what I eat. I LOVE FOOD!! I really hope having a community of people in the same boat will make a difference in staying motivated and staying on track. Good luck to everyone!

  • Ok well the first two days have been challenging. I have not been doing the diet right and my upper body work out left a lot to be desiered. Doing cardio helped today, I dont think i hit my 10 but my effort felt good. I think I jacked my hart rate up a little to high so I will need to get a monitor for that. Is hitting a 10 on cardio day a certain target hart rate range. for example my MHR is 186 making my THR 158. I had it up to 170 and my legs and body felt like they could do more but i did not want my hart to blow up. So would 186 be my 10 or would 158. Im a little confused on this.

  • I don't think a 10 has to do with your heart rate. It is the amount of effort you put into it. I think that if you have 1min left of cardio and you feel like you could collapse but tell yourself you can make it just 1more minute you have reached your ten. Here is what I do for cardio and I have never sweat soooo much in such a short amount of time. Hope it helps:

    On the treadmill:

    minute 1 and 2 at speed 4.0

    min 3 at speed 5.0

    min 4 at speed 5.5

    and so on at speed 6.0 then 6.5 (6.5 is my level nine)

    repeat this cycle until you get to minute 19 which should be your level 10, increase speed to 7.0

    This is what works for me and it is a great workout. Of course I don't know your fitness level so you may need to adjust speed at needed.

  • I agree with erinnurse.  I think that 10 is your perceived best, when you believe that you couldn't possibly do anymore.  This would be why everyones 10 is different, because its dependant on what actual exercise your doing for your HIIT, your current fitness level and how you are feeling on the day.

  • Hello ALL,

    My name is Marqui and in good ole Las Vegas (thank God not hot yet!)  Started with you all yesterday.  Excited as ever.  Did a challenge last year, had ok results (didn't push it like I could have) and the greatest thing was just meeting people sharing and motivating everyone.  But as I slacked off, the weight came back and that sucks, so Body-for-Life, let's do it again!

    AmyIdaho - Truth be told the very first day I started last year at 6am, I literally sat in that parking lot for 30 minutes and cried to myself and played the what if game.....then I gathered enough courage to get in there and just's not about them it's about you.    You know the funny thing?   Most people had there headphones on, doing there own thing, and NOBODY laughed at no one.   After the first solid week, you ARE the regular now.

    What you Tell will I see you in the Gym 84 days from now?  I know I'll still be there!

    Let's do this Everyone!

    Marqui D.    C2W1D2

  • Day 2 -

    When I got up after 4 hours sleep I was on autopilot and made myself a full bowl of porridge with sultanas in it and then just before I sat down to eat remembered what I was doing. And then threw half of it away. I'm pretty pleased with that, whilst it was a waste I've got to stay committed whatever it takes. The rest of the days eating went well but I'm struggling to find protein that's easy for breakfast. Normally I eat wholewheat cereal and milk but whilst it's healthy it's all carbs. Anyone any idea's? I can't be bothered with cooking first thing in the morning.

    Jclinenorton - I agree with the others, your 10 is just when you cannot carry on any more. I think it's pretty hard to find a true 10 in a treadmill but outside it's much easier.

    I went for a run yesterday with 5, 9, 13 and 17 written on my hand. This way I could easily remember when to try for a high point (I can barely remember my name when running). With a stopwatch on my wrist I then tried to gently up the pace of my run until 5 minutes and then, boom! turn it on, flat out for a minute. After my sprint I was probably technically running but a walker would overtake me... Then I tried to gently up the pace until 9 minutes and so on.

    The pace would've been gradually slower and slower but the effort was maximum so from my point of view, thats my ten.

    My arms still ache from monday, I hope they recover for Friday. I'm also a bit worried that after the lower body work out today I won't be able to run tomorrow. But that's for tomorrow, one day at a time.

    Keep it up everyone, no taking the easy way out, no quitting, no excuses.

  • Hi Erinurse-

    I also am a nurse and work 3-12 hours shifts per week.  On the nights that I work, I struggle to get my workouts in.  If I do miss a workout, I usually just make it up on one of my days off.  Good Luck!

  • Thats a great idea to write the minutes to hit the highs on your hand, I was running with phone and was planning on looking to check the time, but even then I couldn't remember what times I was meant to hit the highs except at the 19th minute.  I was too busy thinking breathe, breathe, don't die, breathe, breathe!

    I did my LBWO today with my PT, what a killer ended up with 108 leg presses at 90kg (close to 200 pounds) as he wanted to be cover the 3 different foot positions to get the differnt muscles.  It was hard work getting the last few, particularly because the last foot position was right close together.  I also had to do horrible lunges up and down the gym floor between the different sets.  So now my upper body is killing from Monday, my legs and abs are killing from today.

    I am kinda proud though that I am aching all over, means I am working hard.  Week 1 is half over!

  • Hang in there JC. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to get into the swing of things. I notice sometimes I don't feel like  I am challenged as well. My cardio is running at 6 am and lately my knees have been hurting, so I have been slowing it down to a fast walk with light weights and going longer.  

    Remember to be good to yourself. I too get confused about the rates and stuff, thanks Erinurse for your input.

  • Hi Marqui!  

    It's ALL ABOUT YOU!  EF everyone else at hte gym!  You are doing great!  Keep it up!

  • Juggler,

    I haven't made any tracking of my hi's and lo's .  My trainer and I are meeting up on Friday and we will talk about doing that and maybe he will keep track for me. I sure like to concentrate on my muscle groups and breathing, to be distracted, I feel takes away from my workout.


    What is Sultanas?  Sounds interesting.

    I feel full all the time. This is a lot of eating for me, but I guess it's necessary, so I keep plugging a long.

    I ate well yesterday, but I have a hard time getting my 10 glasses of water in!

    That is a great idea for running. I may get there some day :)  The thing is, I lost my IPOD somewhere, so my "extra' funds will go toward that and then maybe I will get a stopwatch and try your method, I like it. Hopefully by that time, I will be in the "groove" enough so it doesn' t distract me too much!

    No quitting! no Excuses!


  • BC I hate eggs and even turkey bacon and sausage have to much fat in them so starting today I have a shake for breakfast, so far it seems to work pretty well. My wife has the cartoned egg whites for breakfast I just dont have the motivation when I first get up to cook. you could also boil eggs and toss the yoke and eat the whites.

  • @ JClineNorton  to answer a question for what a 10 is

    On certain cardio days I'll skip rope and hit a punching bag, on my 10's for one minute I'll hit the bag as hard as I can for as long as I can for that complete minute, then I'll measure my heart rate.  It's usually 150-155  (every machine measuring device is different so just take a measurement on your machine)   Remember don't try and kill yourself....just exhaust yourself.  You personally will find your own rhythm.

    Keep at it.    I hope everyone had a great workout today!   Eat Well!

    ~Marqui D.  C2W1D3