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  • Ok - my first day.

    A bit difficult as it's also my first night shift so I've been up for 24 hours (writing this just before bed). So am I supposed to eat 8 times? I didn't know so I still ate 6 times but with bigger gaps. Enjoyed the food and didn't crave the bad stuff even when in my favorite shop. I actually like cottage cheese and pittas. I did a good upper body work out but like most people I made some excercises too hard and others too easy as I didn't know what weights I could lift. It'll sort itself out with time. Wierd thing is, I feel more committed now, hanging with tiredness and pretty hungry, than I did this morning.

    I almost went to do the cardio before bed but I don't think I can quite manage it without sleep so I'll do it later today when I wake up.

    All in all a fairly good start.

    Amyaldho, to hell with what anyone thinks. Look at it this way, if anyone is small minded enough to look down on you now, imagine how stupid they'll feel in just 12 short weeks. I really hope you made it in there.


  • Bcbehs:- I could not imagine working night shift and having to stay up for such a long stretch of time.  i would have definetly waited for the cardio until after I had a sleep as well.  Your going to have to be super organised to keep track of your meals and whn you're meant to eat and everything.  It would be so hard if you are changing shifts all the time and staying up for long periods.  I have trouble just organising a 16 hour day.

    Amyaldh:- Don't worry about the gym session, I got a PT to set me up as well and show me all the machines and work out my weights and I still stuffed it last night.  I didn't realise that along side the main weights was an extra little weight set aswell when you are between main weights.  So I am sitting on my machine, have it loaded up to my weights and I felt like such a baby because i was straining to push out my 12.  Sitting there dying in my rest between sets I check my weights, when this old man from the row over comes over and points out that someone left the pin in the little weights so I was actually lifting an extra  5 pounds.  Felt like an idiot.  But next time I go I will know that little trick.

    Val:- good to see you here!

    Almost finished my day 2 just got my HIIT and my last meal of the day to go.  I made shrimp and pasta for dinner, so good! Tomorrow is going to be the first real challenge day for me as I have every Wednesday off, so I am at home with no particular plans other than catering to the whims of my 3 year old.  I do have a sesson planned with my PT to go through the LBWO.

  • Just did my HIIT and I am stuffed.  just did a little circuit down around my streets where all the street lights are, used a steep hill to hit my 9's and run up and over it for my 10.  Pretty impressed with myself 20 mins 2.5km  (1.5 miles) not bad for a determined fat chick!

  • Hi Bcbehs!

    Loved what you had to say about small minded people! I myself DON"T want to be "stupid" after 12 weeks. So I'm going for it.

    Wanted to start yesterday, but had a really bad emotional set back. Thank you that I can now start the day off right and focused on the program instead of the situation.


    PS any Born again believers in the group?

  • I didn't go back in...but I lost 2lbs from eating right and drinking water yesterday.  And I just finished my cardio.  I'm going in this afternoon to check out the upperbody weights so I'll know what to do on Friday.  I should check out the lower body too so I'll be prepared tomorrow.  Thx for the small minded people comment...I shouldn't have let the people working out intimidate me.  It wont' happen again!!  Promise!

    All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...Walt Disney


  • Hi, I came to the site today looking for a group to join for support over the next 12 weeks--hope it's OK if I hop in here.  I am starting BFL today.  This is my second attempt at the 12 week program--I attempted this last summer as well.  I made it about 4 wks. with great results and then I just quit taking the time for it and let it go.  I am committed to finishing the entire 12 weeks this time.

  • I just went back and read all of the posts.  What a conincidence there is at least one other "Bronco" on this thread.  I've been a big time Denver Broncos fan since I was little.  A little more about me...I'm a wife, mother to 2 boys, and a school counselor.  

  • Hello everyone!  I would like to join you all on this journey!   I am a day late!  :(   Anyways,  I am Kina and I have been exercising for the pass three weeks but now want to concentrate on during both (eating and exercising). I have lots of weight to lose, I am single and have a 21 yr old.  This morning I competed upper body and hit my "10s" along with 20 min cardio.  

  • I am a born again believer

  • Well Hi there, nice to meet another Bronco, however after the past two seasons it has been a tough ride! My basement is full of Elway jersey's and the such. Nice to see you here and good luck !!!!

  • John Fox and Tim Tebow should pull them out of the gutter. It will take a few seasons though

  • Hello Team,

    I am starting tomorrow. I am married and a stay at home Mom of 6 kids --4 months, 2 yrs, 6 yrs, 8, 11 and 13.  I had a false start which I am considering a warm-up. I really want to persevere this time and get about 40 pounds off.  I am 41 and started having thyroid problems 2 yrs ago and began putting on weight. Then I had my sixth child and hit my highest weight. I love BFL and hope to be encouraged by the team-spirit of a group with a similar goal. Here's to our health!

  • Hi there Shelly and all, 

    I'm Marco, I'm 30 yo from kickass but more often than not, cold Chicago! Have owned the BFL books for a good 6 years, have known of Muscle Media/Bill Phillips since 1999 and have had a gym membership since then. Never have started BFL, and rarely frequented the gym. Until today. All the chips are in place, time to charge forth. The buck stops here. 

    I'd like to wish all you guys THE BEST in starting this Challenge, I have officially started Monday May 30 as well. This is after about two weeks of getting familiar with the program. Did most of the workouts and followed the guidelines from the book somewhat for those two weeks, feeling my proper weights, and getting acquainted with the nutrition as well as the supplements. Two WARM UP weeks, but now it is time to get serious, so I've officially started along all of you and would like to kindly ask to be included in this support group. Please contact me if I can be of help :)

    Will post BEFORE shot in a few days- or not. I may be more inclined to post it along with the AFTER shot.

    Below is an excerpt from my profile page that includes my goals, supplements, inspiration and baseline measurements. The more detailed the more solid my foundation, the more chances for success, right?

    Body-for-Life *Summer SUPER Challenge* (Male, Age:30)

    Start Date: 5/30/2011 - MEMORIAL DAY, USA

    Finish Date: 8/22/2011 - Two weeks before LABOR DAY. 

    One Summer, One focus, One Outcome: Success!


    The Tangibles: Remain at current weight, just swap the fat for muscle. Decrease to 15% BF from 18%. Increase lean muscle mass by 3-5lbs, maybe 8lbs? Waist measurement reduce from 36" to 33". Add a few inches all around other muscles, improved symmetry and posture. Improve in Fitness Tests. Improve in laboratory health markers, such as lipids, cell counts, oxygen intake, bone density, etc. Overall, Improve lean muscle mass to become an All-Natural Athlete: Fit, Fast & Strong. Stronger than I have ever been.

    The IN-Tangibles: As 2006 Challenge Champion Jen Weatherman put it, I'd like to be a more pleasant, more giving person, fun, and energetic and a supportive and nurturing friend. As I like to simply put it: Be Healthy in Mind Body and Spirit. 


    Starting Stats  Circumference in Inches 

    Height: 6'0. Upper Body: 50" (Chest/Back/Shoulders)

    Weight: 176.0lb. Chest: 46"

    Body-Fat%*: 18.0%            Waist: 36" at Navel 

    Blood Pressure: 125/70  Thighs: (L/R) 21"/21"

    Resting HR: 67 bpm.  Calf: (L/R) 14"/14"

    Illiac Skin-fold: 10mm Relaxed Biceps: (L/R) 11.25"/12"

            Relaxed Fore Arm: (L/R) 10"/10". 



    EAS Whey Protein/GNC Whey Protein Daily, GNC Sport Multivatim Daily, EAS Myoplex Standard Shakes Post-Workout, GNC Creatine Monohydrate Pre-Workout, 1800mg Omega-3s Daily, Extra Boost Vitamin D Supplement Daily. Considering L-Carnitine Supplementaion, Daily.

    All Natural Nutrition as per BFL principles. 


    Inspiration in other people

    First and foremost Chris Krueger. Also, Bill Yeager, Thomas Phillips, Anthony Ellis, Lynn Lingenfelter, Jen Weatherman, Mark Unger, Alexa Adair, Ian Doherty. 

  • bcbeths :

    I know!! Omg! I was a little awkward on my arms workout too.  I did chest presses ( is that what they are called?) With the bar without a spotter and couldn't get 12 reps . So I moved to another.machine. Later I realized there are other bars to use in the aerobics room. Ugh!! Well at least I know now! Ha!

    Im there with ya with the food almost. I do crave choc at.night ( its hormonal, im sure. Yay) so I bought some sugar free mini bars. I ate 3 so thats not so bad. Remember its progress....

    Be kind to yourself!


  • Jag!

    Hey!!! Great to have ya on board! I got for life.journal and book. But I really would like the.body for life book. I would like too know more exercises!

    I 'vebeen working out for 6 weeks, but just started bfl yesterday!

    im in like flynn!