Starting May 30th - Lets do this together - " Gettin Better All The Time" - Join this group!

  • @Juggler: for the morning meals I tend to just do either a bowl of Oatmeal with Cinnimon, or a half-cup of fat-free yogurt with a banana or blue berries, or sometimes a handfull of granola.

    I also mix protein powder with milk and ice with a banana or some other semi-sweet fruit.

    either works later in the day as well.

    also: glad to see everyone joining in on this, we're totally gonna rock the 12 weeks.

  • Thanks Hoxie for the ideas.  I've done the protein powder with cherries (OMG so good!) and berries.  My gym only had chocolate flavoured protein powder, which isn't great for doing like protein pancakes or adding it to other stuff.

    We dont't have egg white subsitutes here, but some of the recipes I have seen want you to use 1/2 a cup of it, how many real egg whites is that equivalent too?  And what are butter buds?  Is it like fake butter?  i bought the Eating for Life book and some of the ingredients are completly foreign to me.

    On another note, I have succefully completed my first day.  Feel great the eating is like a science and I am beginning to see it as just fuel for the body which is good.

  • Hey y'all from Atlanta GA.   Thanks Juggler for sharing the link to this thread!

    I'm starting today - I had planned on starting on June 1 but I figured why not go ahead and start on a Monday.  

    I took a nice long walk this morning - not HIIT I know but it's my fave exercise.   I'm off work today for the holiday but tomorrow it's back to the gym for weight day.  

    I made a batch of oatmeal 'cookies' (using stevia, applesauce, peanut butter and protein powder).  They aren't as good as Mrs. Fields lol but they are tasty enough and they make a great quick meal on the go.  So that will be my breakfast and probably morning snack too.  I haven't decided about lunch and dinner yet.  What are you guys having?


  • Val Pal 1 - That sounds awesome! What is the recipe for that!  I am not a fan of peanut butter but I would make the 'cookies' for on the go.  

    Today I had - whole wheat toast with honey, 1/2 grapefruit, Protein shake w/blueberries and coffee for breakfast.

    I will be having whole wheat spaghetti for lunch and the taco salad recipe ( on here) for supper. In between I will have protein shakes with banana and yogurt.

    today is weights today, I will do the Eliptical at the gym as well.

    It's a beautiful day today and I plan on going with the kids to the park, that should get some exercise in.

  • The weather here stinks and no relief in the rain again today, did get a great ubwo in though, love to be able to do something outside but won't happen today ;( Happy Memorial Day to everyone.

  • Hi "Gettin Better All The Time"!

    I am excited to find this group!!  I am starting today, May 30th also.  I am 41 and a single mom of 2 boys ages 9 and 11.  I'm a school teacher and officially on summer break.  I'm a shorty at 5 foot tall...and ashamed to say 182lbs.  I'm a member of a gym about 1 block from my home.  I used to be a I know how amazing it feels to be in shape.  I'm excited to have a goal ahead that hopefully will keep me driven.  This group I'm sure will be VERY helpful too!  Thanks Shelley for starting it!


    All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...Walt Disney


  • Hi AmyIdaho, where in Idaho may I ask?

  • Hi Bronco!  Kuna...where are you?  BSU Bronco may I ask?  I'm a Bronco too...class of 95!

    All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...Walt Disney


  • Hi, I'm close to Pocatello, not a graduate but a fan of them and then the Denver Bronco's also so easy pick for a screen name ;) Nice to actually see another Spud on here

  • Welcome all of you!!

  • @shellaire


    Oatmeal 'cookies' recipe


    3 cups oatmeal

    1 cup whole wheat flour

    3T butter or oil

    1/2 cup applesauce

    2 T peanut butter

    2 scoops protein powder (I used Biggest Loser Brand)

    1/2 cup brown sugar

    1/2 to 3/4 cup stevia or splenda

    3 egg whites

    1/2 cup raisins

    nuts or sunflower seeds if you like them

    mix the oil, applesauce, peanut butter, eggs, and sugar

    add the flour and stevia or splenda and mix well

    stir in oatmeal and nuts and/or raisins


    Makes about 24 at 90 calories each.  


    If you leave out the peanut butter, increase the oil or the applesauce.  

    Use the 3/4 cup stevia or splenda if you want them to taste sweeter.  


    Enjoy!  They aren't quite as good as real cookies but they aren't bad . .


  • Well the first day at the Gym was less then impressive. I either put to much weight on or not enough for each exercise, so High points were not hit. I will know for next time I guess.

  • Hi Shelley and everyone,

    I started today and would love to join the Gettin Better All the Time group. I did the challenge twice about ten years ago. It was great!  Life challenges have set me back in recent years and I really need to lose 30 pounds and get in shape. It's not too late!  I live in Colorado and hike the trails with my dog all the time, and I have kept up the weight training as well.  But I need a nutrition regime badly. The BFL plan works. I know it!

    I'm looking forward to hearing all about everyone's progress!


  • i finally figured out how to get back to you could not figure it out on my phone ,YES im LDS also lol

    funny huh guess the two year mission gave it away, yeah these kids can wear us out the boys especially, i get you about being sick and tired ,im sick and tired of saying im going to do something about this and then not doing it ,its a horrible example ,i know my son will next throw a wedding on me and all be dang if i am the fat lady standing next to him, hey did you take a before photo mmmm thats scary to think about but just saw this one lady's after at 84 days and dang it was amazing what happened so should we be taking those pics ?anybody else in the group take before pics ?how did everyone do for the first day ?

    another day already the time will go by fast we might as well let it go by fast with some results because its going to go by fast no matter what right  good luck to another day

  • one and I'm already bummed!  I have my upper body work out all prepared...but I'm a big chicken to actually go do it.  I have waited to now (10pm) hoping no one will be in my gym (it's 24 hr) and there are like 12 people in there!  I don't want to look stupid trying out weights to find what I need for the 12 rep, 10 rep, 8 rep, 6 rep routine...  I think I'll ask for a trainer for a week.  I did take my before pics...and I did eat right!  And I'm great at cardio.  I'm going tomorrow at 6am to do the cardio.  I'm bar-bell phobic...pathetic!  I'm not giving up though!  ...maybe I'll wait an hour and go back.  grrrr...

    All dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...Walt Disney