Starting May 30th - Lets do this together - " Gettin Better All The Time" - Join this group!

  • Hi!

    Lets do this together! If you are starting your challenge on May 30th, we could support each other!  My name is Shelley. I am 42 ( almost 43) and have 5 kids. I am a computer repair specialist and have been in school for 2 years working on a degree in Networking. I am one of " those" people who never had a belly and really didn't have to work hard at not having one. But ever since I turned 40, I have put on a belly and added flab. Now, I am learning to eat and workout better to improve not only my body, but my energy level too. I have been working out at the Gym for 6 weeks, and decided to bring it up a notch. I joined the Challenge and will be posting a picture this weekend. I started to eat as suggested this week ( practicing) and will officially be tallying and keeping track on paper starting Monday. 

    Lets get to know each other and support one another! Tell us all about yourself!

    In other postings - we will be the "Gettin Better All The Time" group.

    Keep up the Good Work!


  • I started a few days ahead of you.  I was scared if I waited until Monday I would talk myself out of it.  I am on day 2 and feel great so far!!

  • Hi, I'm planning to start on the 30th also.

    I'm Tammy. I have one daughter who is eight and I think it's time to lose the "baby weight" lol! I'll turn 39 this year and have decided that I'm going to enter 40 looking and feeling fabulous. I also want to be a good role model of health for my daughter.

    I also work full time running a successful business in manufacturing and I have been married 10 years. I am being pulled from every direction but I think it is time I put myself into the list of my priorities.


  • I am looking to start on the 30th as well. My name is Jake and am also a computer tech for VMWare in Denver CO, I am married and have 3 kids. I am 34

  • Hey there,

    My name's Tristan and I was planning on starting on Monday the Thirtieth as well, but decided to start today to stop myself from just not starting. I'm 20, somewhere between 5'8 and 6', and 180 lbs, though I'm one of "those" people as well, I want to Bulk up, and figured the BFL would be a great way to do so, plus y'know, it'll give me some organising skills that I don't really have.

    good luck, and let's get this 12 weeks over with, eh?

  • Hi everyone, I'm 35 and have got two sons, 11, and 3, I work four days a week as a special education teacher.  I am starting on the 30th as well. Unfortunitly I am not one of 'those people'! LOL and I will be needing a couple more challenges after this one as well to truly look great.  However I am ready to start all 235 pounds of me.  I have a great gym and a great personal trainer who has set me up with the right weights and program to get me going.

  • Good Idea! I started working out 2 months ago and I eat "pretty" well, but I wanted to give myself enough time to get my "new way of eating" all in place. That is why I "officially" start Monday.!

  • Hi there Tammy! You will be looking fabulous!

  • Hey there Jake! I know Computer Tech work! Welcome Aboard!

  • Hi Tristan!  I think it's great that you are joining us! Everyone has their special goals, and that is what this is about. Getting together and supporting each other in our goals!

  • Hi Juggler!

    Getting in there and getting to your first challenge is the toughest part!  Glad you are coming along on the journey!

  • Hello! My name is Melissa and I am ready to rock! :) I am 32 and the proud momma of a 8 month old, and a 3 1/2 year old. My wonderful toddler recently asked me if I have a baby in my belly! Time to get serious! I LOVE BFL and had used many of the principles in my past workouts however I have never made going to the gym and eating healthy as a priority. I have never been comfortable during the summer months and want to fully enjoy all of the summer moments with my family. I am happy with my weight, but not happy with my body. I am ready for confidence! I look forward to the inspiration from others! My shopping for the week is finished, and my first workout is planned! Good luck!

  • It starts tomorrow.  I am still a bit unsure about the nutrition part, not the six meals but just getting the combinations right.  I really need to learn what foods have carbs and what foods other than meat have protein and then working out how to smash them together.  I ate to the plan today, but just very plain meals - turkey, brown rice and celery for lunch and then chicken, brown rice and bok choy and mushrooms for dinner.  The meals are satisfying and I would have no problem eating those everyday, but its the mid morning and mid afternoon meals that are doing my head in.  I did the cheese and apple for mid morning and then in the afternoon I did a yoghurt with 1/2 scoop protein powder.  Breakfast was a shake with berries blended in.

    Anyone got any great ideas for the mid afternoon and mid morning foods?

  • Hey Shelley, Thx for starting this group. :)

    I am beginning my 12 week challenge tomorrow too. I'm 34 and have 3 kids and have lost about 50 lbs over the last year and a half. I work out 6 days a week, I love it.... it's just my nutrition that is lacking. I either don't eat enough or I go too far w/mindless eating. I did BFL about 8 years ago w/fantastic success and found it to be the most realistic/practical program out there. My goal is to lose about 15lbs of stubborn weight that I know will come off fairly easily if I just get my nutrition on track.

    I look forward to getting to know everyone here! We can do this!


  • Hey Metta!

    that is a great goal! Sounds very similar to me :)