Count down until my start date on 5/30 need bfl friends to encourage me:)

  • I plan to start the bfl challenge on 5/30. I am exited and scared at the same time. I know this program works because I tried it once before but threw in the towl 4 weeks into the challenge. In those 4 weeks I dropped 25lbs and went from a size 15-16 to a 10-12 it was great. Ive tried several diets since gaining all my weight back over the years and im now at my heaviest ive ever been in my life. I  find myself frustrated with my failure to lose weight or stay focused on my goals. My life is stressful and so is my job and this is a huge factor in my weight because I eat when im stressed.I am now 240lbs and a size 20,I just want to cry. 5/30 is a big step for me and Ive been mentally preparing myself for this challenge.I need support from the bfl community,encourage me I could use all the help I can get.

  • There is a great support team here! You will find all the support you need here and a lot of great advise or tips to. You stay strong and you can do it,,,,,it is great you decided to chose the BFL program! You will do great on it and just think in a short 12 weeks you will look awesome! You can do it and we are here anytime you need any help, or have questions or need a kick in the butt, believe me I have needed all them myself and have found them here! You Go Elisa you can do it!