cardio q - this is my 3rd day on the program

  • Mike ~ Your wife will continue to transition her beautiful butterfly body. Go get'em!

    Angela ~ We are all here to help. You ask if you have ANY questions. Most of us stumbled through our first few weeks. You WILL get the hang of this. HIIT is high intensity interval training. That is what Bill Phillips talks about in the book about building up and then coming back down and building again. Don't get too aggressive on your level 5. You will burn out too fast. The level 5 is just to get your body used to a specific movement.

    I took my success journal to the gym with me. I took it everywhere, including meetings, so that I could log every meal ASAP after I ate it. I really needed the FULL structure of the program. It worked!

    Take on this challenge with a competitive spirit. Not a competitive spirit to win this challenge. A competitive spirit to overcome fears and past failures. You will overcome any obstacle that gets in your way. I sat out in front of the gym for 20 minutes my first time there just trying to walk through the doors. I am victorious at the gym now. People ask me for help. 14 weeks later and I am stronger than ever. I tell you this so that you can get a visual for your future.

    Rock this challenge!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Yeah I did it like that yesterday!! Ok now to get this weights thing down and then on to the food! I think I eat pretty much ok...just not often enough. I did Weight Watchers last year and lsot some wright but my main thing was remembering to eat (use up the dang points) before I was so hungry that I started eating whatever was right there...I would be so hungry while I was cooking dinner that I was eating it while I cooked it then sitting down to eat with my fam too.

    Ok well thank you all so much for the info - it really is  helpful! It felt pretty weird to leave gym Monday having only done upper body stuff...and yesterday the 20 mins was over so quick.....don't get me wrong it was hard as hell for the 20 mins but at end I was like that was it? Ok... but I am trying to go full force and give this program a shot...i am sick of being fat and feeling gross.

  • Angela, as each week passes, you'll feel a little more confident and comfortable than the week before as far as "getting it" all. It is a little overwhelming in the beginning because we want to get everything right, every time.  But know that you'll probably make mistakes as you're learning (and that's OK), but remember, you're learning a new way to feed your body and how to exercise it.  As Renee said, it will come as you continue doing the program and after 2-3 weeks, you'll be soaring because BFL will be a part of your daily life. 

    Go get 'em Angela!!