cardio q - this is my 3rd day on the program

  • I am new to Monday I did the upper body stuff at gym and yesterday I ran outside -- did the walk for 2 mins, then jog, then sprint, then walk, etc for 22 mins. Today is lower body and abs at gym...ok so my q is this -- last night I was reading the book again and noticed on the page that has the bullet points about the exercise it said to do the cardio first thing in am on an empty stomach...I must have missed this and did not do this yesterday am...I had eaten and it was about that bad? I have small kids so it will be hard (not impossible) to get up before them and do this 20 mins...but is it totally necessary to do it then and not later in am?

  • Totally not necessary to do cardio first thing before you eat. There is research that shows cardio on an empty stomach is very effective at burning fat, but whether you're doing cardio at 6 am or 8 pm, if you're doing it intensely, your body is going to shed fat (as long as you're eating right too). 

    Way to go on starting the program full speed Angela!!  I'm in week 7 and am loving it!!  Just stick to eating right and consistently exercising and the results will come for you. =)

  • GREAT! I am really glad it does not have to  be first thing in am!!  I am trying to get the eating under control now too...I am bad about waiting to long to eat...what are some things you eat for snacks and just have around on hand...thank you so much for the info!!!

  • Angela the best time to do it is when YOU will do it.  

    You will acheive better results by doing the cardio on an empty stomach first thing, so keep that in your back pocket for future reference.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Mike gave you excellent advice. Don't get tripped up over it. I do almost all my cardio and workouts at night. I have 3 kids and am a single mama. Gotta do what works into the schedule. I do wait until 2.5 hours after a meal to do my cardio to get maximum fat burn. I wait 1 hour before eating again. I will say that if you have the ability to work towards workouts in the am, it does help kickstart your day and help clear your mind. When you do it in the evening it is in the back of your mind all day. No what works for your schedule and git'r dun!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • My snacks are things like almonds, walnuts, myoplex lite bars, Wasa cracker with light laughing cow cheese, greek yogurt, 1/2 whole wheat english muffin w/ 1 tbls natural peanut butter, then of course, apples. I don't eat all of these everyday LOL!! That's just a quick list of the snacks I eat. =)

  • Ok this is great thank you so much!! I def am an AM workout person but not very first thing...I need to get the kids off to school, lunches packed/backpacks, etc....I need to get better about eating breakfast! I ate today @9am (and I did have one cup of coffee at 7am-8am)...meeting my friend at Y at 11 to have this guy show us how to use the machines (he said we could bring our print out from book and he will show us how to do those exercises) I might have like a banana at 10 so it is one hour empty -- is that right?  I need to go back and really READ the food part of book...going to get on that kitchen forum I cook dinner almost every night so need to make sure I don't sabotage myself and still make food my boys will eat!  Ok well thank so much for all the replies...this is nice to  have people to ask specific q's too...I want a body for life trainer!!

  • One of the other important things is how long you wait to eat after you are done.  If you hit your level 10, I think and tell me if I am wrong, that you burn as many calories during the first hour after the cardio session as you do during but only if you hit that level 10.

  • Mikek470 perfect thanks! This is exactly what I wanted...a take to store!! Thank you so much!

  • Oh! And as long as you make sure your cardio sessions are HIIT, they say your body continues to burn calories (fat) for 24-36 hours after you're done. Usually the only day I'm able to do my cardio in the early morning before I eat is Saturdays. I already have to get up at 5:30 am to go to work so that makes it a little harder to fit my cardio in first thing in the morning. That being said, for the 2 months or so I've been doing BFL, most of my cardio has either been in the late afternoon or evening and I've lost 14 lbs and body fat % has dropped from 23.8% to 14% as of this past Saturday.  So it's definitely working for me!  Intensity is going to be the main factor for you having effective cardio sessions. HIIT all the way!!

  • Great point Mike! I should give you my info to help you feel more comfortable with you decision.

    My 10 week progress photos from challenge 1 are on the media gallery. I lost 25 pounds scale weight in first challenge. Went from a 10/12 to a size 4. I did almost every workout and cardio after 10pm during challenge 1. My meal plans were Super, Duper clean. My free days were all over the place during the challenge. I think I missed 2-3 cardios and 2-3 weight training days due to extreme circumstances. You will do amazing!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • That's awesome Renee! My wife has also been doing BFL. We're both in week 7 and she has also seen great results! She's gone from size 12 to a loose 8 currently. She's lost about 15 lbs so far and has lost about 7% body fat. AND WE'RE ONLY HALF WAY THRU THE CHALLENGE!!! (sorry, not trying to sound like I'm boasting, I'm just excited)

    We have both missed a few workout sessions too due to both getting sinus infections. Hers around week 3 and mine week's 4-5. We were both bummed but after feeling better, we jumped back to it full speed!

  • Thanks so much Renee and forgive me if this is something I should no but what is HIIT...I am going to try today to pay more attention to the way he says to start off and push yourself.  I feel sort of dorky but I am going to take the book to gym with me and make sure I do it correctly.

    I have never done this free weights thing past I have done classes so it is just following the teacher. I feel sort of lost out there in gym on my own.  Renee your progress is so awesome -- very motivating!!!  I am sure hoping this works for me!!!

  • Angela, HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. This is the type of cardio that is the most effective. The 20 min BFL cardio is considered HIIT.


    There's your HIIT answer. If you have questions after looking at that, ask.