5/23(ish) starting crew--we need a group name!

  • Happy to hear we've all survived our first week!  Tomorrow will be my "free" day.  It's been a good week.   I feel great, although super sore!  

    Funniest anecdote from week 1:  We are visiting family out of town and tonight my dad and his wife wanted to take my kids out for ice cream at the ice cream stand we always went to when I was a kid.  My kids each got a small cone.   I didn't order anything (my husband didn't either, such an awesome supporter!) but my dad and his wife each got a gigantic 'flurry' with add-ins like caramel candies and peanut butter cups, topped with whipped cream.  The cups were 20 ounce cups, and they were so full stuff was running down the sides.   After they were all finished eating and we were parting ways to leave, my dad gave me a hug and said, "I know you are always trying to eat healthy and stuff, but I want you to be very careful so you don't end up getting sick."  Best part of the whole story--my dad has had Type 2 Diabetes for 10+ years.  I had to bite my tongue.  Hard.  It's just too ironic to have an overweight type 2 diabetic who just downed a bazillion calories of junk telling me to be careful that I don't get sick from the way I am eating.  I know he's my dad, and he really seemed to think he was giving me some good fatherly advice.  But yeesh.  I really had to fight the urge to counter his comment.

    Came home and had a nice bowl of cottage cheese with stevia and cinnamon.  

    Happy Memorial Day to you all!

  • Good for you! Today was my free day and I couldn't wait to come home and pack my lunch for tomorrow. Gotta work. But, no work out tomorrow.ran today. Bought the companion to the book to continue logging work outs and food.

    Last week I went to the doctor who originally recommended this plan. Now he is on the "no carb" bandwagon. Needless to say, I am not taking that advice. Can't train for life by eating "all the fat, meat and cheese" I want.   YUCK!  All of my training friends (some of them are doctors who do triathlons) agree with me. Sticking to this. I feel better. That's what matters.

    Happy to have others like you all to support each other.

    Here we go, week 2!!!

    Stay strong


  • I like it. I am a May Mod Bod. Sounds like a Transformer. I used to be a bus, now I am a pick-up truck on the way to being a Ferrari lol.

    Will it be a good idea if the group members add each others as friends? This way we will keep track of each other easier.


    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • yay May Mod Bods! Week one is complete!!! Only lost .4 pounds this week...at least it is something!  Hopefull will continue to lose more as I keep going.

    Keep up the good work everyone...today's  my off day from working out and am heading down to the beach! :)

  • I am also still here!  

    Glad to hear that everyone did so well during the first week!  

    My first week was interesting.  Had a few days where I had to juggle getting in my meals and workouts but I got them all in.  I think I only missed 1 cup of water yesterday(forgot to write it down).   I am finding that eating 6 meals a day is more challenging than it sounds!!

    My bodily functions are definitely going through an adjustment period.  So not used to the amount of exercise ( going from almost none to 6 workouts a week) or carbs.  I have been spotting after cardio and my regularity is way off.    I need to work on get more sleep as 6 hours a night doesn't cut it.

    Other than being sore,  I feel pretty good.  I have more energy and have been feeling more productive, maybe because I am doing stuff and not just sitting in front of the TV.  :)   I have lost about 5 lbs so far but I think it's water weight.  

    Today is our free day.  My fiance and I are skipping a workout next week so that we can shift our free day to Saturday.  We will tack the day on to the end and make it up.    Most of our social outings are on Saturdays so it just works out better for us.  

    I am getting more work done on my back tattoo this coming Friday so having my free day on Saturday will be nice.  Has anyone done any workouts with fresh ink?  Just wondering what kind of pain I have to look forward to.

    I think starting a new MMB thread would be a good idea, as well as friending each other.   Easier to check in with each other

    Congrats to all you have accomplished this week!  Keep it strong for week 2!!!