Creatine or Betagen question...

  • My EAS container says 2 of those little scoops per serving. I am trying to find an old GB post on this.....hold the phone.

  • it's two scoops; I measured it out the other night and I believe it's one full tablespoon for a serving...

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  • Okay. I guess I get to add something to my routine  Good stuff, can't wait to see what impact it will have.  wow......

  • Nope. Serving size is 2 scoops. Have the Betagan container here. Recommended Use and Mixing instructions: mix 2 scoops with 4 oz of cold water. Take 3 servings daily. That's the shortened version

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  • For sure!  I knew there was a reason I joined this forum :P

  • Just another comment from memory. This is going to sound weird. I believe I remember hearing to make sure you keep it to the 4 oz. of water. I recall someone saying that if you dilute it with too much water it lessens the effect. I can't remember where I heard that or who from or if it is true. I just follow the instructions on the container...4 oz.

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  • That doesn't make sense because you would be drinking a lot of water very shortly anyway.

  • I drink it with a tall glass - about 8 - 9 ounces. Otherwise it tastes too sweet for me. And I agree with C - your drinking a small pool every day anyways....

  • I think the way it works with  though, you should be taking it on an empty stomach before and after. It absorbs fairly rapidly as far as I know, so maybe waiting 15-30 minutes to have any water before and after dosing up is the way to do it.

  • I need advice. I ran out of has 20cal., Creatine 2g, L-Glutamine 2g, Taurine 500mg and Calcium HMB 1g.

    I found in my cupboard from 2006 (last attempt of trying to grow muscle obviously) SOY PROTEIN. It has 82 cal, 17g protein, 6.8 carbs and fiber along with 18 Amino acids L-Glutimine being 19.8g! It doesnt have creatine or Taurine.

    My question is - is this a good replacement/substitute for Betagen IF I take it plus get a Creatine product to go with it.

    It tastes like chalk but wow - look at all the BCAA's in it! Its more than Betagen.

  • Legs-email BFLMike, I bet he would be able to tell you, that way when you go to the city on Friday (wow that's tomorrow already!) you can be prepared! :)

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  • Im going to really take my time in this new store I located....its called Popeyes. I might just have to drop hubby off at some automotive MAN store and go there alone and really take my time. Im excited.

    Yes today is my Friday! Woop! Another long weekend.

  • Ya, I saw that listed in the Oxygen mag. Jerry's MAN store would be Bass Pro or Cabela's...though I like looking there too...

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  • Oh my - Popeyes is my new favorite store. The guy in there really knew his stuff. I bought the EAS Vanilla Protein stuff, cause it is awesome, then instead of Betagen (which they would have to special order because they think there are better supps out there) I got Kre-Alkalyn (which the guy at the store says is a womans best Creatine because it gives all the benefits but without the swelling/bloating of Creatine....then also I got BCAA's L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine. It is cheaper for me to get the tablets and protein drink than to get Betagen in Canada. I am really impressed with this place Popeyes. He says I can call and get stuff delivered free too. :) He liked that I was doing BFL....they have the BFL book right by their till. Cool.

    So I am to take 2tabs of the "Purple-K" (King of Creatine) before I work out, then 2 tabs along with the BCAA's and whey protein AFTEF my workout. The only thing I wont have is the Taurine....and he tells me that is like a booster of energy and it wont be missed with the other BCAA's I am taking.

    If anyone has feedback, I am sure interested. I find this part of my health so interesting now. The guy says I will not get jittery or whatever and I can take these supps every day and not overload. Cool.

  • Would be nice to have these two threads combined....