Creatine or Betagen question...

  • I am not worried about 12 week photos, just the best results. Do I really NEED to stop taking creatine 10 days before the end?? I would prefer to keep taking it so that I can get best results, not the best pictures, since my goal is not to win a challenge, just THE challenge with myself. :-)

    Does it really take 10 days for all of it to leave our systems? I would think 4 days would be enough. Does anyone know how much extra water it makes our bodies hold?




  • Confidence: I do not know exact figures, but I DO know that after 10 days of not taking Betagen, I looked leaned in my abs and upper arms and shoulders. I was quite surprised actually because I didnt think it was doing anything until I stopped taking it.

  • hmmm interesting points. Did you strength lessen because you had stopped taking it? I would love to SEE more definition as you mentioned but I would also love to make sure my strength when pushing myself doesn't lessen as well.

    Thanks for responding... and so quickly, Legs!  :-)

  • I guess the dynamics are different for the ladies, but I didn't stop using my betagen at any point leading up to the pictures.

  • Confidence: I really dont know how to answer that. I try to push with every workout. Did I have to use less wieghts? No. Did I increase right away going into the next challenge? No. It is not a black and white obvious for me.

    What I know for sure though, is in order for Betagen (or any) supplement to work, you have to hit your 10's and tear it up in order for them to have something to repair and restore. If you are not hitting those 10's....well....your urine is just expensive.

  • My last weekish my shoulders and arms were cricking and cracking when I lifted. My joints were sore. I had a heck of a time lifting my normal weights. I ended up reducing weights on shoulder presses and one other exercise. I totally attribute that all to the Betagen. Only thing I changed that could do that. I absolutely noticed a huge difference in leanness by going off the Betagen. Noticed the bloat after I started it again too. Also noticed the liftihg ability and the cricks and cracks reducedl

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • hmmm Well, what I have experienced is that I CAN push harder and hit 10's with more eagerness if I have creatine. I can run harder and with more oomph if I have had creatine within 30 minutes. This is my perception.

  • Now you have me wondering....I thought the reason for taking Creatine 3x daily was to keep a steady "rush' into our bodies (for lack of better word).

    How is it that you "feel" it after 30 minutes. Is this from Betagen Confidence or a pure Creatine supplement?

  • I don't know! I add creatine to a caffeine energy drink but I really feel much more of an IMPETUS to kick things up when I have the creatine so I thought the creatine was adding the oomph. Am I imagining it??? hmm wow. imagination can work then, folks!!  :-)  shhh don't tell my muscles, they believe it's the creatine!

  • Confidence - that's funny. :) the Shhh part. lol. The  mind IS powerful.

    I'm still curious though.

  • C3:  I've read varying accounts of creatine.  If you've been using it for awhile, then you have maintained a certain level already, but everytime you take a dose it does boost your levels.  Hence, the reason why you are told to often take it before and after a workout.

  • I take mine after my workout to replenish, not before. I am a stickler to coffee and water with my workouts.

  • Yeah?

    I usually mix my betagen with 16 0z water then head off to the gym then take another dose after.

  • we are instructed to take 3 servings per day. That is 2 scoops per serving.

    Thought 1 - Take a serving 30 minutes before the workout and take a serving 30 minutes after the workout. The other serving is random throughout the day.

    Thought 2 - Take one scoop before and one scoop after workout. Other 2 servings are balanced throughout the day.

    Anyone have any solid advice on whether this would make any difference?

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • I was pretty sure that with the Betagen, one serving was one scoop no?  If not, then I have been and am doing it wrong.