"Body fat" scales--are they accurate/worth it?

  • I have seen body fat scales at Bed, Bath & Beyond and other places like that.  Are they accurate at measuring body fat?  I have had the 'pinch' test done at my gym, so I know my starting point, but I'd like to be able to check in every 4 weeks or so without having to set up a meeting with a trainer to get pinched again.  I'll do that at the end of the 12 weeks, but in between, I was thinking I might get one of those scales.

    Any thoughts on their accuracy?  Any brands you'd recommend specifically? 


  • My experience is that they are consistent, though not real accurate. Mine is higher than actual.  So if you know your true % going in, then you can use the scale to track your progress.  

  • yeh, I like mine from BEd, bath, Beyond.  I don't think it's entirely accurate, but if you use it the same time each weigh-in with the same hydration/eating conditions, I think it's good for comparing readings from time to time.