Tight, tight, tight all over!

  • Yes! This is how I feel! I feel like my whole body is tingling and tight and stressed and sore and growing MUSCLES! I woke up just feeling 'firm' in a way I don't ever recall!! SOO exciting!


    Plus, I had a real KILLER UBWO today. I did NOT want to get up. I did NOT want to do those exercises but I just FORCED myself. I was shaking by the end and my arms were burning and shaking. WOO HOO!  They are all so sore and tired now...


    It is so worth all of this JUST to see the twinkle in my husband's eyes and the smile on his face when I come home sore, perspiring, tired and pumped! He sees the changes and is so ecstatic! I keep reminding him it's going to get even better!


    SO impressed with Myriam's struggle and push. It is very hard for me to hear of her in that kind of pain.

    Debbie: SMALL t shirt??? oh my goodness! the kids at your school must be chattering about you among themselves!

    Scott: I can't wait to hear your final stats!!! Give it your all!

    Legs: one of the trainers at my gym has that same triangular patch of muscle. I think she considers it a badge of honor so be happy your body made you one, too!

    Renee: how goes it today?? I told my husband I will do another challenge two weeks after I finish to finish burning off the ab fat I have... I sure HOPE it goes away! I have a big goal for myself!


    Hugs to everyone! 


    Go CONFIDENTLY in the direction of your dreams!


  • You go girl....

  • GREAT JOB!! It feels great doesn't it!  Keep it up.   Julie (in VA)

  • Your in the zone, Girl!!!

    Stay strong and focused!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry