• Good Morning All,

    How many and how many times a day to you take CLA? Also when you you take it? Before meals or after a workout?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

  • Personally I take it 3x daily. I take it 3,5 and 6th meal.  

  • I workout in first thing in the it is not taken around my workout time.

  • I am not worried about 12 week photos, just the best results. Do I really NEED to stop taking creatine 10 days before the end?? I would prefer to keep taking it so that I can get best results, not the best pictures, since my goal is not to win a challenge, just THE challenge with myself. :-)

    Does it really take 10 days for all of it to leave our systems? I would think 4 days would be enough. Does anyone know how much extra water it makes our bodies hold?

  • oops posted this in the wrong section! will post elsewhere...

  • Legs, do you take one or two each time?

  • Confidence ~

    I stopped taking it. I felt soooo much leaner. However, I couldn't lift for poop in my last week. I was whining for my Betagen back.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Isn't it possible you would have had greater muscle growth, tho, if you had continued taking it? Doesn't it plump up the muscles making them look larger as well? This is what my son tells me.

  • Karategal: I take one capsule 3x a day.

  • Legss: Thanks. I am glad to hear that I will still get results. On the bottle it says (2) 3x's a day. I do no know where I got this from. But you can buy it for less at the link below.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!

  • This is a clip from Jessica Mighty Max's post off the old GB. She is our Omega Guru.

    "When should you take your Omega 3 supplements?

    It’s ideal to take it evenly throughout the day with the exception of your post workout meal. Your body needs a good whey protein after workout to quickly feed your muscles and fat will inhibit this process. Post workout is when you want your body to continue acting quickly. Fat is best during your last meal. Many people do not realize this because they know that unauthorized foods are more harmful late in the day. That is true because then your body will turn it to sugar during the night instead of acting on it during the day. It’s okay and best to take good fats at night though, because this will keep your system slow and steady throughout the night when your body is looking to replenish and rebuild. "

  • Karategal: I just started taking CLA a week not rely on me alone for advice in this. I too am experimenting. I take fish oil and now CLA 1 each 3x daily.

  • yep, CLA supposed to be 2 caps 3x a day, but Legs your brand might be different...I'm taking the EAS brand...did you order your stuff today??

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I just checked my CLA. It is 1000g per capsule and they recommend taking 2 capsules twice a day. I was taking 1 - 3x a day. Oops. Thank you for pointing that out for me MO. I will now take 2000g twice a day.

    BTW - I am picking up Mr.Betagen on Friday. We cant part yet. :)