Ready to ROCK! Starting 5/16/11 - Join me!

  • Alrighty then!

    Spent yesterday pouring thru the book and this morning devouring the web site in preparation for a full blown attack starting on Monday!

    Printed out the progress reports - food and exercise tracking - and made a binder.

    Treadmill already sits at the ready - actually looking FORWARD to shorter, more intense cardio sessions!

    Weight area/room is already set up - will need to make sure proper weights are accessible today and tomorrow - after working thru the book to select and chart the exercises!

    I think I will give my honey my scale and tell him to HIDE it, and not let me have it back for a month!  I'm a notorious daily weigher, and I know that I may not see quick weight loss with this - and I'm going to log all my measurements today.

    Did some shopping this morning, but will need to go pick up a few for things after having read the meals here.  I've low carb dieted off and on for years - so it's a little hard getting my head around the fact I can have some fruit!  LOL!

    Oh yeah - did I mention I'm getting MARRIED on September 3rd?!?  Now THERE's some motivation!


    (Age 50, Starting Weight = I'm not tellin'!)

  • Hi Sandy!  I'll join you!!  I'm a former chubby girl who's previously lost 50 lbs a few years back by counting calories, but lately a bit of the weight has been creeping back.  I'd like to feel good about myself again and wanted to try something different and see how far I can take my body... so here I am!  :)

    I'm hoping to really lean out and lose about 15-20 lbs.  Oh, and congrats on the upcoming wedding!!!  :)

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • I'm all in Sandelio

    I signed up this weekend and I am totally looking forward to the challenge. Good luck and congratulations on getting married in September

    I did the challenge a few years ago with little success, but that was all my fault. That will not be the case this time....LETS ROCK!!!

  • YEAH!  Playmates!  LOL!

    Spent some time yesterday preparing all my food for the WEEK (I hate dragging food around every day!)  Since we have a fridge at work, I hauled everything here this morning - and I'm done for the week!

    I get up at 4:00am in order to get the workout done (I TRULY prefer working out in the morning) and did the upper body routine - it felt good!  Wasn't heavy enough on some of the weights to hit a "10", but marked that on my chart to increase next time.

    Had the yummiest brekky I've had in a while - 2 eggs scrambled with salsa scrambled in with them on a tortilla shell - YUM!

    I also plugged my days food into - and even though it seems like I'll be eating all day, it's only coming up to barely 1200 calories....I think it's supposed to be more than that, no?

    Well, welcome aboard, let's share our ideas, menus, successes (and failures - no one's perfect) - and help each other stay on track!


  • (WOW - they need to do something about their time stamp!  I just posted at 7:38am Central time and it shows "1:37pm"!)  Or are they halfway around the world????  LOL!

  • Hi!  Happy start day!!!  Wow, Sandy, great job so far!!!  :)  Sounds like you're very well-prepared, which is great.  Wanna cook my food for the week too??  j/k  LOL  Getting up at 4am sure shows some dedication!  There's no way I can get myself out of bed at that hour... I'm soooo NOT a morning person.  I usually workout in the afternoons after work.  I'm finding it a bit of a challenge w/this though since they say it's best to do it in the mornings on an empty stomach or to wait about 3 hours after eating before you workout.  I find this difficult... I feel weak and light-headed sometimes if I don't eat before I workout.  I didn't eat for 3 hours this afternoon and did the upper body workout a little bit ago.  It went ok.  I'm not a huge fan of weightlifting, but know it's good for you.  I'm trying really hard to like it... hoping that it'll get easier once I figure out what I'm doing.  I'm just used to doing a 45 min Jazzercise aerobic workout 4-5 days a week.  Trying to adjust to this and missing my "fun" workout.  I do feel good after this workout though.  :)

    Sandy, your breakfast sounds yummy!  I LOVE breakfast... could it eat for every meal.  ;)  What kind of salsa did you use?  I just tried a mango salsa... pretty good.  My b-fast wasn't too exciting... old fashioned oats made w/water and 1/2c of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze and mixed w/a scoop of chocolate protein powder... and of course a big jug of water and a cup of coffee.  :)

    Meal 2 for me was some lowfat, no sodium added, cottage cheese w/kiwi mixed in and a side of baby carrots.... and more water.  Lunch was a HUGE chicken breast, romaine, spinach, avocado, and apple salad.  Meal 3 was a strawberry 0%fat greek yogurt and a side of cucumber slices and a protein shake after my workout.  Not sure what dinner is yet...

    So you're barely up to 1200 calories?  How are you feeling on that?  I'd say that's pretty low... usually that's the lowest amount of calories that is normally considered healthy for a female to consume.  I've been logging all of my food on and aim for about 1600 calories or so.  Going to see how that goes for a bit.  Do you have a lot of weight to lose?

    Have a good night!!  :)

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • LOL!  I didn't say I COOKED for the whole week - I just brought stuff to work!  

    Morning snack = yougurt & HB egg white

    Lunch = sandwich & fruit

    Afternoon snack = myoplex shake

    So I took 5 yogurts, 5 HB egg whites, lunchmeat and a loaf of bread, 5 shakes, etc. - then I don't have to think about it all every morning and it's all ready to eat!

    As far as the calorie count, I had all that above, plus my egg burrito for breakfast and chicken breast and French's Onion Rings (the dried, canned ones) for dinner, AND a diet ice cream sandwich for dessert - still comes in less than 1200 according to Spark.... (i just use regular mexican salsa)

    I feel great - except a minor headache due to drinking less diet pop (caffine withdrawal!)  LOL!

    I'd be THRILLED if I could lose 30 pounds!

    Gearing up for day TWO!  :)

  • Hi gang!  I'm in!!

    I just turned 40 in March and I'm ready to be 40-Fit and Fabulous! LOL!!!  I did BFL 10 years ago after I gained 60 lbs during my pregancy.  It was awesome!  Worked beautifully.  Big time.  I've let some poundage creep back and I'm ready to kick it once again.  

    I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all and supporting each other.  Here we go!

  • Name's Mada btw... :-)

    forgot to add that bit

  • Hey All!  It's Lori.  I did BFL over 5 years ago and dropped 60 pounds and became a new person.  I've since ran a couple of 1/2 and full marathons and changed my life.  Stress, kids ect. and  I let the pounds creep back.  I need to lose around 20 pounds to get back where I want to be.  I need to conquer the compulsive eating - i love anything sweet.  I've tried several times since the first BFL to lose a few pounds, but never really committed.  A full time job and my pant not fitting and I am forcing myself to commit.  

    First, Congratulations on your choice to commit.  I will be the BEST THING you ever do for yourself and you truly deserve it.  You deserve to be happy in your body as it is the only one you get!  I've found through the running community that running is much more enjoyable when it is not done alone, so being part of this group will be a great thing.  We are all held accountable and here for each other.

    Day One rocks and it is on to day Two!  Again, congratulations and see you 'round!

  • Yep!  I need the accountablity and looking forward to it.  If anyone would like to share their goals... Let's have them!

    Here are mine:  I'm looking to remove at least 15 lbs of fat and gain a few pounds of muscle.  I'd like to lose at least 4 inches around my waist.  That's where the Ben & Jerry's likes to sit.  Yikes!!!  More than anything, I want to feel energized and I want my clothes to fit.

    Here's to Day 2!!!

  • WOW!  Need to see an inspirational transformation?

  • Sandelio- that transformation pic you posted is amazing and has really given me the hope and motivation I need right now.

    I started the road to transformation myself today and I'm so excited to find that you and others have also.  I have spent my life yo-yo dieting and I always feel like I'm punishing myself everytime I do. But. . .NO MORE!! I want to be healthy, happy, and well- emotionally and physically.  It's time!  I can't wait till I can post my transformation pics and feel the pride and satisfaction that comes from accomplishing an amazing goal.  The pay-off will be worth it.  :)

  • Did the 20 Minute Cardio this morning - feel great!

    The chart/diagram on the site here is MUCH better than the one in the book!

    I saved the image to my computer and printed a couple copies to work with.

    Here's how I plotted mine out last nite for the treadmill this morning:


    Now for those of you who are runners or joggers, these speeds might look whimpy, but for a newbie they worked out just about right!

    Didn't hit a "10", but certainly 8's and 9's - and I didn't "hold on" once! - LOL!

    And I'm adding my picture to my profile - I find it much easier to remember who's who when I can put a face to a name, so please do so too!

    Day Two underway!


  • That was an awesome transformation pic.  I was excited about Day One and excited to be part of a group!  I think this will help in the accountablility, as I've tried to start BFL several times since my first successful time and had no luck.  I'm here for good.  Did great with the weights yesterday and today I will run 30 minutes with my group.  I was not a runner before I lost all my weight with BFL.  Then, I needed to keep the weight off and it was the quickest way to burn calories...  We are training for a 4 mile hill run in July and then a 1/2 in August.  I did some research on how to adapt BFL to my running schedule and think I am going to trade the HIIT for my running days.  I'll weight train as the program says 3 days a week and then run 4 days, taking Sunday off.  I'll let you know how it goes as I have previously been concerned since the first time I did BFL I followed it to the letter.  Let me give you the biggest piece of advice.  Do the journaling.  I think that is the key to this program.  You need to see where you are starting and where you are going and it will mentally keep you strong.  My words for the day.  Carpe Diem!