17 year old new to this O_o

  • Hey there folks,

    I am a 17 year old living in Singapore, and wanted to get a fit body to prepare myself for National service (Army) when I hit 18 next year.

    I requested help from my cousin, and he passed me Body for life by Bill Philips. I have read it and think it is a gre8 book!

    We are going to the gym some time in may/June

    So, I'm just writting here to enquire more about the programme & the community.

    How was gym like for you guys? Was exercise vigorous?

    How do you eat 6 meals a day between breakfast, lunch and dinner if you're at school?

    Was the 1st time at your gym easy? (I didn't know what to do when I went for the 1st time a year back :P )


    From a singaporean

  • "Vigorous" is a good way to describe the workouts (both lifting and cardio).  The goal is to hit "high points" each time, and you pack a lot of work into a relatively short amount of time, so it's not going to be a casual stroll through the gym.  :)

    Eating 6 meals while attending school will take some planning ahead.  You can either use meal replacements you can take between classes, or pack something to take with you that you can eat on the go.  You might want to get a small insulated lunch bag & an ice pack or two to carry refrigerated food like yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.

    Expect to be a little sore after your first upper body workout, and a lot sore after your first lower body workout if you do squats and/or lunges (both are highly recommended).  Be careful about using too much weight with squats/lunges the first time, if you go too far you may have trouble walking for a couple of days.  Start with body weight to warm up (12 reps) and then add a little weight for each additional set.  At your age you should recover quickly and be able to add more weight each time you go.  Also, get somebody to help make sure you have proper form the first time, it's very important.  Always remember that if you feel pain (other than the normal "burn" at the end of the set) while you are lifting, something is wrong, and you should lower the weight or stop that exercise.  The soreness (called DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness) that sets in 1-2 days later is a good sign.

  • Thanks for the tip :D

    I would like to ask 1 more ting though.

    Would sports like badminton and taekwando be considered a form of aerobic exercise, and will I be able to use them for exercise regimme?

    Considering I played badminton during wednesday and really felt the "burn" on my ass and legs in 1-3 days

    If yes, can I use intensity levels on these forms of sports as well?

    thankeww (:

  • Taekwando is not really an aerobic activity, even if it might feel like it sometimes.  Taekwando is anaerobic and develops your muscular and nervous systems.  Badminton is probably a little more aerobic, but the fact that you feel the burn 1-3 days later tells me that it's also largely anaerobic.

    HIIT aerobics would probably improve your endurance in both sports, but there are only so many days in the week and you might not have time to do it along with everything else.  I don't think you should give up sports you enjoy for this, so if you don't have time to fit in three days of aerobics that should be fine as long as you continue to be active.

  • Thanks for the tip, really appreciate it (:

  • Hey, does 1 glass of water count as drinking 1 myoplex or 7-up?

    Also, is eating food like lassagnia, Chicken noodles with dark sauce against the law of "allowed foods"?

    (I;am an asian and eating rice is our staple, noodles too, but I try to balance out by eating 1 small slice of meat/fish as well)

    Chicken lassagnia contains chicken, and cheese, and pasta.
    So, it comtains protein, carbohydrates and fats.

    Thanks :D

  • Yes I would say that the program outlined in the book with HIT points and Weight training is vigorous and of course that is one of the reasons they list it as a Challenge.  I think it is great that you are getting into shape before entering the national service.  I did that as a teen before going into the US Army by doing weight training (during the Weider is all era) and running with a backpack with weights in it up and down my local hills and roads and it really paid off when I went into basic training. You will see that this is a great idea to put you on the right road to success in the service.

  • Hi,

    Water is water. You need two liters of water or more every day. Not juice and 7-up etcetera.

    You will not be able to drink juice or 7-up on this program because of sugar. You can have them on your free day.

    Ask someone who works in the gym, or -better- someone with a great body how to use a machine. They will be glad to help. Also at the back of the book, Bill explains with pictures what is important to do and how.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • 1. Follow the book.

    2. You can do any activity outside the gym that you want.

    3. Dont waste your time by joining the military.

  • Nosferato: I wish I had learned about BFL when I was 17. All I can say is at over 50 the program does wonders so being young like yourself I'm sure you will make incredible gains in size and strength. All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"