starting 09 May 2011 - Have done this before in 2001 and had great results then! Anyone joining same time?

  • Hi PamNZ, truegrit and other folk in Chch.  My heart goes out to you all as I can't imagine what you're going through right now with all these endless earthquakes!  When will it ever end??? :(    Watched a bit on TV this week and just seeing liquefactions all surfacing is bad enough, let alone families going without power or running water for months.  So sorry to hear about all this, I hope you're all well down there.  Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

    Just a quick update ... halfway through week 6 now and this is the week I finally startting noticing changes.  The fat hasn't bulged around my thighs and tummy (worse areas) but muscle definition is really coming out ... esp. on my quads.  Wooo hoooo!  

    Also lost another kilo this week, I'm now down to 76.5kg :)  Foodwise, still going 100% well ... although 2 days last week I ended up at McDonalds ... so opted for snack wrap instead of my usual yummy Big Mac.  

    Still doing more cardio than anything else ... goal is to burn fat not look like a body-building butch woman haha.  They say it's 10% effort on exercise and 90% effort on eating the right foods is that secret to success.

    Anyway we've all hit the halfway mark, hang in there okay ... slowly but surely, the fat will all melt away and beautiful muscles will start forming :)  And can you imagine how gorgeous we'll all look in that swimsuit this comming Summer!!!  

    Take care x

  • Oh you are sooo lovely! Luckily, my brother travels back to CHCH quite frequently for work and was there the other day doing it all for them.  We are really trying to talk them both into living up here in Aux, my sis is building a small appartment for them at the back of her home. Thank you heaps though aye!

  • That's great to hear Spinney!  I just replied to your other post re food and energy....

    Kilani - I too am noticing changes in myself more this week than any up til now, and have only just felt like I have the energy with BFL that I should have had from Day 1.  Maybe I finally have the diet thing sussed.  And water, tons of it.  End of week 6, fantastic, I will weigh in tomorrow morning and hope to reach my mid way goals....

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Hi again

    Well I am 300g off my goal weight for the 6 weeks (not going to stress about that amount!).  My waist is down 1 1/2 inches, with more than that to go!  But I am happy and on track and the energy is back, so that is great.

    How is everyone else going?


    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Aue! tino Tumeke tena Pam!! a true O for Awesome! hehe..

    I don't think im going well aye, im working hard, eating clean (really i am, everything noted all the time every day.  I started 80kg's and now 77.1, i took measurements for the first time last week and have gone down ever so slightly : ( so im a little frustrated and questioning if this is going to work this time, id be rather embarrased if i didnt see great results as that's what ive told allot of people i will have.  I have heard time and time again, i wont see much till week 8-10ish, ARE YOU ALL REALLY SURE BOUT THAT??? haha, trying to fight through and keep my head held high but feeling a little defeated really : (

    LOVE YA WORK THOUGH! and as you say 'Kia kaha'!

  • Hey Spinney, yes I am gearing up for the real results of week 8 and beyond.....I've made it this far.  Can't wait, great to think only 4 weeks to go (ok 4 1/2).  Things will work for you, just keep going and do what you can.  I have to laugh I thought my energy was back (no naps during the day for a couple of weeks!)  so this week I bumped up my squat weights to 14kg, and though I didn'tget sore, I found myself napping during the day.... so I must adjust the food intake to suit a bit better, plus I did notice I had slacked off on the water for a few days, so have made more of an effort to increase that again.  

    Who else is left in this group?  Come on nearly 2/3 of the way through, HOW ARE YOU ALL DOING??

    Any message keeps us going....

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Well I am still here!!!  How is everyone going??  I am really looking forward to finishing this Challenge, my body really needs a break now.  I still don't feel as though 8 week plus results are kicking in, (about to finish week 11!!)  but I finally weigh in under 60kg, but what a slog to get there!  One more week to go, and then I am having a couple of weeks off (hopefully active rest).  I will continue until I reach the dreaded weight I am after....(I know the scales should ve thrown out!).

    Just went for a run, they sure don't get any easier for me.  But I missed one on Thursday so couldn't miss 2 in a row.....

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong