starting 09 May 2011 - Have done this before in 2001 and had great results then! Anyone joining same time?

  • Hi,


    From NZ and earthquake zone Christchurch... Been a rough year and gained some weight so turning to my trusted and true BFL to lose the weight and to tone!!! Last challenge I found I had to be super organised and I am sure that is why I finished and many around me fell off about week 5... So if anyone out there is wanting to join me, be great!!!  Its been a while since I did this and I feel a tad "rusty".


    I have already got a folder and printed out the daily eating plans, work outs and 12 week schedule.  My fridge is full of good food and I have massive amounts of plastic containers!!!!  In my fridge I have three that will be regularly replenished... potatoes, rice and pasta. I find if I have these on the go then there is no excuse to fail.

    I have created a NO FAIL environment because I know from 2001 I will need it!!!!

    So tomorrow I am doing my upperbody workout and eating clean for the day!  Starting with a protein shake at 8am after the workout.


    Anyone with me????- I will be here to week 12!!!!  Would love some support and to offer others support on the j so Iourney!  My clothes went down about four sizes last time I did this!  I was about 30 then. I am now about 40, female with two boys and I work 40 hours a week. There is no official challenge anymore in New Zealand so support would be fabulous!

    Tomorrow I am on day 1  week 1....



  • Hi my name is Jenny, I live in Chicago IL. I'm with you but my 1st day is Monday the 9th , I saw you were organized that's the only way, I need to get there before I start , also before pics, I will post before pic and pics throughout the 12 weeks that will also keep me truthful with myself and others, something about a picture doesn't lie . a mirror can lie so I'll keep it real with clothes size scale and pics.I have failed before so I will call on the ladies in here for support and I hope to hear from you soon. I will keep all of us in my prayers for strength and courage.  

  • Ok, I am in!  I have started many times and never made it very far.  I love that you are both organized and I want to be but I get obsessed and lose sight.  I would love help with the meal part...the workouts are a little easier for me.  I am also not familiar with how to keep up with people on here...a little technically challenged here so please let me know how to get back here or how to communicate with you two!  

    I decided today that I really am fat.  I don't mean that to sound as negative as it really is, but I have got to stop this.  I live in Texas and won't wear shorts.  My sweet husband bought me 3 pair today and NONE of them fit.  I am embarrassed and disguested. Ok, enough venting for today!

    I am excited to already find two people that I will keep up with.  I will start on Monday with you Jenny and trugrit, I just plan on following your lead!

  • Alright I love it. I also fail with the food plan that is why staying organized is so important. I am also really fat so no worries. I'm 5"3 // 152 ...That's why I'm here asking for help..Anyway I'm here if you start swaying, I usually loose sight with in 2 weeks but mine for other reasons. So ready2bhealthy Monday I'm starting with arms and also 20 minute cardio my eating plan is in the works..But I did take the chicken out to defrost. I'm glad you responded to this post I hope to hear back from you.

  • Good stuff. I like your no fail plan. I'll try to get myself set up with the food and containers tomorrow. Good luck.

  • I'm game~ I went to "The Vitamin Shoppe" in town today  & purchased EAS products~ excited!  I am officially starting on Monday (5-9) too, and I like to say I am "fluffy" :)   I am a 35 yr. old mom of 2 boys from Georgia, full-time college student (start my internship in Aug. woot-woot) and 5'1''/ 152 lbs.~ so right their w/ you Jenny.  I tried the program once before, but didn't stay with it!  I have the entire summer off, and it is the perfect time to start!  

  • Ok, please don't take this as me sounding like a know it all....One thing that I have read over and over again is starting off with a bang and then fizzling, having said that...I know when I start the weights I am going to be sore!  I will start Monday with the upper body but will do the cardio on Tuesday.  I will probably take a walk on Monday just because I have two dogs that I walk regularly.  So....what do you think?  Oh and I am 5'5 170..ugh!

  • Sorry Slope and Healthy...I meant to start off my reply with HELLO and WELCOME!!!!  

  • Hi!

    I am starting on May 8 as well. Never really tried BFL before but heard from a friend that it really works.

    I have been very stressed with school lately and gained some weight. I have lack of energy and have difficulty concentrating. I dont exercise but maintain overall good diet. My profile: female, mid-30s, no kids, 5'1, 135. Goal: lose weight, toned, gain energy.

    I went to the supermarket today and bought lots of chicken breast, lean meat, vegetables, and protein shake. Let's do it!!!

    However, I am a little worried because I will be travelling during most of the Summer and I am not sure how difficult it will be to stick to the program. Anyways, if I dont try, I will never accomplish anything!

    Let's support each other!!!


  • Welcome Maria!  Glad you responded...sounds like you have already done a big part by going shopping!  I will be traveling some this summer so we need to find ways to workout while away from home...we can do it!

  • Wow what a friendly community!  Welcome all

    Got my workout gear all ready for the morning! And my itouch charged and ready to go with a playlist ready to go!  I also have on my alarm clock a sticky with "I want to change more than I want to stay the same" this helped me complete my last challenge. Whenever I didn't want to get up in the morning I would say to myself that if I stayed in bed I was choosing to stay the same, but getting up meant change!!!!  REALLY worked for me. It is winter here in NZ so pretty cold tomorrow morning too!

    I have my meals planned for tomorrow and my upperbody workout planned! So now its get up and go which means going to bed by 9:30pm tonight so I get my 8 hours sleep!

    I will be posting here tomorrow that I have completed my workout and at the end of the day that I ate clean!!!!

    Lets go and do this. Day one here we come!

  • Hi there, I am in Chch too, starting 9th May.  I am 46 and did it first in 2001 as well.  Would certainly be keen to have a buddy in town!  I will find the cardios the hardest now.  My gym was red stickered so I am biking and running for my cardio now.  And doing my weights with dumbbells in my garage.   Would love to keep in touch and keep each other going.  What part of town are you in?  cheers Pam

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Hi Pam; I'm in Naperville and work in Batavia.My gym is xsport , and what is red stricken?   Cardio is the hardest for mee also. It's only 20 minutes but that 20 is hard for me. I guess that would be one reason theey call it a challenge, right? Did you finish in 2001 ? I have never had the guts to finish, I have always quit with some silly excuse that's BS . I'm so tired of not finishing I think that might be my driving force right now. I'm going to measure myself now..I feel if I make one more excuse that will be it. NO MORE BS..

    BFL, Jenny

  • Hi all, congrats with starting for an better boddy and an better life.

    33yr old man from norway, starting this for first time 9th of may. have my upper body program prepered, need som proteins to compleate meals.

    Hop to join you guys if thats ok?

    Update my profile with befor pics, my now states, and my goals.

    Gud luck everybody, cheers from norway..!

  • Hello All,

    Starting again - on May 9 also.  Got my journal and will be hitting the gym in the morning for loewrbody work out.  Got about 7 weeks into last effort when I got head and chest cold.  This time - we will make it to the end.  Weight is about 270 - and would like to be around 235 when finished in 12 weeks. Age is 53.  Have a  vacation to Disneyland planed in a few weeks, so will have to plan ahead for workout and diet options - because failure is not an option.  I love to bicycle - love to go on long rides - 25 miles an up..have done a few centurys.  Live in central California.  Hope to start a google blog next week to be transparent and accountable to friends and family...good luck and good lifting to all.