Unsure of my portions/food intake...too much or too little?

  • Buy whey protein. I'm an interpreter always running from one office or courtroom to the other. I bought it last week and I pack few scoops of powder in a small jar and put it in my bag. Some water and a good stir and you're done. Add a piece of fruit to that and you got a meal. You can buy whey protein shakes ready. But they will be too expensive on the long run. Not all of them are too thick like EAS's.

    I always think of solutions to this particular problem. When i think of something else that worked I will post it in here.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Charlie: You really ought to read a post in its entirety before criticizing.  I DID read BFL (as stated in my opening sentence).  BFL states that whole wheat bread is acceptable; whole wheat baked pita chips have less sodium, less calories, and more fiber than two slices of whole wheat bread.  The only negative with the whole wheat pita chips is that they have 1-2 grams more of fat.  While I agree that hummus is not the most nutritious meal, it is low in calories and fat and contains some fiber and protein, so in my book, it's not a bad addition to meet my carbohydrate requirement by dipping the pita chips in it.  I only have two tablespoons when I DO eat it.  I do have a clear grasp on nutrition; the only new concept I am learning is the correct proportions according to BFL as I was not eating nearly enough on Weight Watchers.  If you do not have advice, then you should avoid simply criticizing newcomers without any positive suggestions.    

  • Ruby: Thank you for the suggestion!  I do have the Myoplex Lite at home, which I drink one hour after my workout, but this sounds like a great between-classes addition.  Do you have a brand suggestion?  If I don't put the EAS drinks in the blender, they are disgustingly chunky, so if you found one that mixes smoothly, I'm all ears!  Thank you for the positive suggestion, and keep me updated if you think of anything else.  I have taken to eating an apple and a few slices of turkey, which the students think disgusting.  It's also hard to eat just plain sliced turkey when you're moving around.  Pretty gross to watch, I assume!

  • I tried Myoplex ready-to-drink can and it was too thick it made me nauseous. I use Sci-MX. It clots a bit and doesn't create a thick texture even with less water than prescribed. I stir it with a plastic spoon I carry around with me :o(. it still classifies as a meal if you add a piece of allowed fruit to it. Not sure if it's available in the US.

    I tried the type of snacks you are trying. They are no fun. I couldn't do it for long and eventually i left BFL 2 years ago altogether because I hated what I ate.

    One of the foods that don't require refrigeration, is pastirma/ bastirma.. which is an air dried seasoned version of Pastrami but is very low on fat. Nearly 3 grams of fat or so per 100 grams.


    If you make it into sandwitch of high-protein granary bread, you will be getting good protein from the sandwich.  Because the meat is air-dried and cured for a very long time, it keeps well without a fridge. It's the Turkish variety you will need as it different in fat content.

    You may need to give it a taste first, as it is very well seasoned.

    I will you keep you posted with my culinary adventures lol. I love my food and will not spend all the time out of the house eating stuff I don't like.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • But can you eat sandwiches? I noticed you wrote you eat the turkey slices instead of a turkey sandwich per se.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I like Whey Protein a lot. However, I am not crazy about it in Oatmeal.