May 2 : Calling all 45+ women to the challenge. Who's with me?

  • I am a 46 year old woman who is beginning my challenge Monday, May 2.

    I've started and stopped in the past but it feels different this time.

    I'm looking forward to give and get encouragement from other 40s women.  Who's with me?

  • Hey Haltersweb,  I have already started my challenge but would be happy to pop on every now and then or daily to give you encouragement or read how you are coming along.  I am a 47 year old female from PHX.  Have done the challenge before and have had success.  This is the only "diet" and excersise plan that ever works for me so I keep coming back.  My main goal this time is to make it "for life".  Anyway, welcome to the race, and good luck.              jill

  • Hi

    I am 55 (ouch) and have entered the challange a few times. As Jill says" this is the only diet and exercise plan that works for me so I keep coming back"!!.

    I tried and retried WW but I just can't stand weighing and calculating points.

    I am at my heaviest wt ever and need to get serious.

    I was already planning on beginning today, already did my cardio at the trac (jog/walk)

    Drank my protein shake so I'm good to go.

    Yes. I am very happy to be part of your group

  • Welcome ladies.

    Thanks for the encouragement Jill.

    Kitty33, great start.  I'm heading to the gym after work.  Starting with cardio, too.  Upper body tomorrow.  Works out better for my weekly schedule that way.

  • Haltersweb:  I am not 45+ yet, but I am 43, and completed my first BFL challenge in November of last year, and am currently on my 3rd challenge.  You can do this, and it does work for any age.  Results are definately individual, but you will be the best YOU you can be, if you folllow the plan with your diet and workouts.

    Jill:  Where in the Phoenix area do you live?  I am in north Phoenix.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hello there, I am 49 and just started yesterday. I would love to join this group.My goal is to look my very best for my 50th birthday party in October, enough time!!! I have had the book  for years, also the cookbook but to no avail, this time i will succeed. did take my picutes and my measurements, need to lose about  I10 kilos and my batwings according to my kids!!! Good luck to everybody!!!

  • I live actually in Glendale.  Northern  and 51st ave area.  Work outside so not looking forward to the heat coming on so early this year.  I am hoping with the wieght loss I will feel better out in the elements.    Glad to hear from you BDmom

  • Hey BD  just checked out the picts on your profile.  Lookin' great.  Keep it up!!

  • Hello, I started my challenge April 11th but would love to join for support,.  Have done 3 challenges in the past but went of BFL and gained 35lbs of the 80 I lost back. Very frustrated for letting myself do this.  I will be 47 in June. I agree with everyone else this is the only thing that works for me.  Have a great day everyone !!!  Anna

  • Great encouragement BDMom -- your pics are great.

    Welcome mzforlife and and Anna.

    How's everyone doing?

    I missed my cardio last night ... worked from home and never left the house.  But I did to a lot of gardening in the evening.  Wiped out after that.

    Went to the gym right from work today.  Great upper body workout.  I'm using a couple of apps on my Droid that are really helpful.  Really funny-looking working out with my reading glasses on so that I can see my Droid screen.

    Love to hear your updates.


  • hello everybody, doing great, today walked the dog, yoga class and BFL cardio. I am following the recipes from BFL cookbook, also the family is joining the bandwagon and so far no complaints about the food.

    Keep going everybody, you can do it!!!!

  • Hey all,  I finished my challenge a few days ago.  I am 56 years old.  I am thrilled and happy with the results of my challenge.  throw away your scales.  there is so much other and better results that come with this challenge. i haven't had time to post final results yet, but will soon.  I am stronger, feel better, in better shape than I have been in years.  I am coming back for Challenge 2 after my active rest.  

    Follow the program, don't bother with trying to out think it or tweak it.  It works as written.  And you guys too can be happy and thrilled.  The 12 weeks fly by.  Put all you have got into your workouts, hit those TENS.  

    p.s.  my understanding is that the cookbook is for maintenance, not for the challenge so be careful with those recipes.  

  • I am starting a challenge on May 9th, and have roped in my twin sister and my older sister as well!!  We have done challenges in the past but we all need to refocus and get back on track.  We are 46 and 49, and I know I would appreciate some online support.  I find it much tougher now I am 40+.  The exercise tends to really knock the stuffing out of me.  

    But here goes, planning this week to start next week, and drag my sisters along for the ride!!

    We are all in New Zealand, two of us in the Earthquake stricken Christchurch (we OK) and one in Dunedin.  

    How has your first week gone?  Good luck and stick with it.  It really does work!!

    Kia Kaha - Be Strong

  • Hello Everyone, I'm 43 but two years ago had major surgery and as the doc says I'm now totally Post menepausal!!  I'm having a really hard time moving that scale downward!!!  I'd love to join the group.  I have to get serious and start losing weight, a lot of weight!!!  My biggest problem is will power and staying consistant!  One attempt I eat well but don't exercise....or exercise but eat everything in site!  My spouse and 10 and 12 year old sons are all very fit and physical.  I work full time and sit on my butt all day!  My kids are on swim team and burn up the calories and need lots of carbs(my weakness), hubby shoes horses for a living so he is constantly using his large muscle groups and burns the calories.   I KNOW I CAN DO THIS! One step at a time!  Any advice or tricks of the trade are appreciated and welcome.

    Let do this together.  PamNZ, I'll be officially starting the Eating for Life on Monday the 9th.  I'm watching what I eat this week, but not following the menu guide exactly.  I've read a lot about whey protein drinks and their importance so I'd like to try next week once I have time to shop for what I need.

  • MZFORLIFE, does your family eat a lot of chicken and fish?  My family loves Beef way to much!!!