Anyone else terrified?

  • Ok so I am new to this whole Body for Life challenge program!  I am not nervous about working out at all... I love it... however ,I am nervous about the 6 day committment.  PLUS, I am TERRIFIED of the nutrition end of the program.  I LOVE my  junk food... Please give me any advice you have so that I can stay mentally strong.

    As a stay home mom of 3, I get anxious a lot and love my chocolate to get me through the day.  So, looking forward to getting this weight off (30 pounds) and feeling like my old self again.

    Any advice?  please share!

  • Take faith in the fact that it orks. You can have the best body of your life.

  • sounds like we have our weakness in common--we like working out, butwe love our food!  I will be starting Challenge #3 next week.  I guess the main advice I can offer is to find your REASONS for switching from junk food to better food.  Why it is going to be a conscience decision for you.

    I made up my own version of BFL last summer where I did the workouts right, but ate however I wanted.  After 12 weeks, guess what my results were?  A little bit stronger, that's it.  Same clothes size.  All that hard work of exercise and little to show for it.  Now on the other hand, there was the girl recently who posted her pics (I'll see if I can find the link): she did just the nutrition part of BFL, but not exercise 'cuz of injuries.  She had results!!!  Nutrition is like 70% of the recipe, exercise is 25% and supplements are 5%.

    My goals now for C3 are mainly focused around clean eating.  Every day I will have to remember to look at my goal and habits I type up and remind myself WHY I'm making the decision to eat right for the rest of my life.

    It won't be easy.  Especially when I 'think' that I am more functional once I've eaten 2 candy bars and satisfied a craving.

    Remember you do get a Free Day once a week :)  Save those sweets for that day.  Some women get over their sugar cravings after a few weeks and talk about how they don't want their free days anymore.... not with me.  However now finally after 24 weeks, I do have a different attitude towards the free Day.  I don't quite binge on it like I did in the beginning.

  • here's the link for that girl that did just hte eating part:

  • oh I just remembered another thing I do.  If you have someone in your life you don't like very much and you don't want to be anything like, when you get a craving for junk food, just picture THAT person wolfing down the crap.  i don't like to be associated with the habits and likes of a certain people in my life, so just that mental image grosses me out from eating the crap.

  • Hey OptGirl!  I love what you said...that is perfect... I will do that.  Also, I looked at the link of that girl you sent me...pretty awesome.  Yes, diet is key...I really will need all the will power I can get ...I finished off the cookies last night and am "cleaning" out the pantry today...when I say cleaning, I really mean eating...think that's bad?  LOL...  I'm excited & nervous...

  • We all have some sort of BAD habit or we wouldn't be here, lol. Mine is I like beer, and I use it the same way, if I have a great day at work I want to celebrate so I drink, if I have a bad day at work I want to drink my misery away. It is difficult but the first two weeks was the hardest for me, I just kept  telling myself I don't need it and I want to look great so keep pushing through it, plus someone else said something about using someone else you don't like to use as motivation, my brother is using the P90x, and I want to look better then he does so I use that as motivation. Good luck you can do it girl be strong!

  • MB,

    You sound just like I was, addicted to sugar. I needed food with sugar in it including white bread and candy to get through the day.  The problem is that it causes a spike in sugar makes you feel good and then you crash and need more sugar. its a vicious vicious loop that has to be broken if you are to lose weight. The good news is that 2-3 weeks into BFL (assuming you eat clean) you will break the addiction and become free from sugar. I don't crave it at all and when people are munching away on cake, and cookies, I love munching on chocolate.

    The truth is that most of the weight loss results from BFL come from the diet.  The workouts help with body recomposition and helps speed weight loss but if you can't do that diet you won't get the results. You would lose weight just from the diet. Just remember that you are a strong person and you can control your life and what you put into your body. So take some short term pain and then have a great body.

    oh and watch this video.  Will change how you look at sugar.

  • John, thanks for the video. That is scary. Wow.

  • Life is about choices, and you have to choose whether you want to continue to eat the food that got you here in the first place, or if you want to nourish your body with clean food that will make you look and feel healthier.  As Michelle (Champster) says, "you control the food; it does not control you."  However, I feel if you totally deprive yourself of some of the things you really enjoy, you won't make it long on any new eating plan.  I say to put aside a reasonable portion of chocolate and maybe another food you really enjoy and save it for you free day.  Don't go overboard, but really enjoy it without feeling guilty.  As time passes, you will find you don't really need it anymore.  Best of luck to you during your challenge.  Be sure to let us know how you are doing.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • i too was scared about the eating 6 days but now on my week 9 and i find that i love eating clean for 6 days and also find that i can't do a whole day on free day , i now pick one meal of my free day and eat what i want as to the whole day . i find my body can't eat bad anymore course i get the sick feeling from bad foods

  • Hey nickvasa~ that's so cool that your body got so used to being clean that it stays that way!  Good job...

  • hey johnj7777~thanks for this video!  it was excellent information and yes, very scary!  I really appreciate you doing that...  take care!

    oh yeh, day 2 done and NO CHOCOLATE!!!  I'm already down 2 lbs... (goes to show you how much cookies, candy etc I was eating)  also, no wine either...

    Feeling good...

  • Mb great job ,

  • MB Get Fit - you've gotten some great advice here! Here's my two cents, for what it's worth.  Everybody's got their "something".   We all have to find alternative ways to overcome whatever that something is.  Don't be scared, be enthused and excited!  I am on my 12th week and when I began, I did what was suggested in the book and wrote out my goals and my REASONS for wanting to change.   I read these often - especially in the beginning.  I firmly believe that in order for a person to have resolve, there must be associated reasons.  Otherwise, when temptations or frustrations or when you don't see a lot of change happening (when there really is) it's too easy to throw in the towel.  Your resolve is what gets you through.  

    So, if you haven't already - write down your reasons for making this decision, your goals, and get honest with yourself what habits are your obstacles and what changes you can make to help facilitate you overcoming them.  It's a commitment and life tends to try to screw you up on it.  You have to plan around it and if you fall, you pick up where you are, forgive yourself and continue on.  

    Have you read the original book?  If you haven't I would encourage you to do so because there's a lot in there to inspire you and help you come to your own personal reasons.  

    In addition to that, If you need occasional inspirational texts msgs from Bill Phillips you can sign up for them at   Here are a couple that I hope wil inspire you "Half of getting what you want is knowing what you have to give up in order to get it"  and "The power of persistence cannot be underestimated.  If you continue to hold your intention and conitnue to try, you will succeed. "

    Best of luck to you and use this forum to help gain support!  You can do it!