We did it guys!!!!  Anyone post pictures or take measurements????

I admit my focus and discipline were sorta crappy.  I had changed it up this time and substituted more low intense longer time duration workouts for the HIITs, and had 'free moments' instead of free days.  These 'moments' happened every couple days.

my ending results were: dropped 2 lbs, 1/3% body fat, (those 2 are small and trivial) but the coolest thing is I lost 1/2" in my thighs.  Doesn't seem like much, but when putting the tape measure aroundthem and testing it at several different spots on the thigh, all was lower than 12 weeks ago.  I did lots more bike riding to the gym this summer so I think that's what did it.

I've got some things to prove during my C4 and I plan to go back to more by-the-book method instead of all this substituting.