Who is starting 5/2??? Can't do this Alone!

  • I'm starting AGAIN. I originally did the challenge in 2007 and the pounds just melted away. I tried on my own on again too many times to count and failed. The most recent attempt was last Feb. I threw in the towel last after gaining two pounds during week six. I'm the heaviest I have ever been in my adult life. So looking forward to feeling good and getting back to my old self but I need you help! 

  • hello Abby- I will be starting 5/1!  I have the book, I have equipment to work with and I think I tried to start this a time or 2 before. I can do this. and you can too!

  • Hello, I am planning on starting this May but do not know which plan to use.

    In the last 2 years I have gained 30 lbs. all around my waist. This has caused me to have to buy more pants that are larger, 34-36 strecthable. This is terrible, I haven't weighed more than 145 lbs.

    Which plan do I use? Weight control, muscle tone? Any suggestions? Oh yeah, I am approaching another turning point, will be a big 60 this August.

  • I will be starting 5/1 as well!  Good luck!

  • @muffin -

    you need to just follow the book!! Get EAS advantage carb control shakes they are inexpensive and worth every taste =] They have no sugars and all the nutrients you need. How tall are you and exact weight? I would just stick to the plan , from what your telling me you need to become leaner and toned!

  • I am goin to give it another go on May 2nd myself. I actually started this week but came down with some stomach virus and missed work and my work outs. Been to sick to eat so my starting weight might be better off tha I expected.

  • You think I should get the book?

    I am 5' 7" and now weigh 175 ....yuk

  • @muffin, I just purchased mine on Amazon for $3 with two-day shipping.  Can't beat that!

  • I am starting 5/1 and I cant wait! I ve a returning BFLer and I cant wait to get back on the horse

  • I too am starting also again and I am also new to the forum.

  • Which book do you guys recommend? The book for women or just the original body for life book?

  • I want to start as soon as possible, so hopefully I'll be starting with you guys as soon as I get a book. I read some reviews about the body for life for women and a lot of them were negative. I went ahead and got the original book off of amazon and will hopefully have it by Monday. I'm already doing a constant work out program, but now i just need to get motivated to work on my diet.

  • Hi guys! My wife & I are going to start on 5/1 also. I am a returning BFL'r and had great success when I was on it in 2002. Unfortunately a serious motorcycle accident derailed me & I never returned to the path. My wife is a first timer and we are both very excited. Got the book read (again) the videos watched & almost all the bad cleaned out of the pantry. just have to finish up the last of the Tecate in the fridge & we are ready to hit the store to stock up.

    It will be fun to see how well a couple of 50+ can do. I'm so tired of feeling older than I am!

  • I plan to start too!  I actually have a question for you guys..  I plan to add 2 hand kettle bell swings to some of my weight lifting days and probably so some extra cardio..  such as a 2-4 mile jogs hours after the intervals.  Is that too much?  I just feel like there will be days I have that desire and other days maybe not so much... 

  • Hi everyone!  I am brand new to BFL!!!  I have wanted to do this challenge for sooo long!  I am starting on May 1st too and could really use all you guys as a nice big support group!  I am a 42 year old stay home mom... It's time I feel good again about myself!  

    Hey is anyone as nervous as I am about giving up all the junk food ie) cookies, candy & wine?  I am terrified of this by the way!!!