Starting my first week on BFL MAY 2, 2011 WHO'S IN???

  • Ok, finally my BFL book has arrived, it came last night, today is my official first day on BFL, I just woke up (late start) going to have some egg whites and a piece of whole wheat toast after i do my 20 min cardio. then 2 glasses of water and hope that the rest of my day works out! I want this so bad and I keep going over my 5 goals of what i want achieved in 12 weeks. Good luck everyone :) talk to you all this evening and let you know how day 1 ended for me

  • multivitamin is a good way to go always worked for me!

  • After using Monday as a free day I started today goo diet and brief intense workout.



    Flat Bench DB Press 65lbs X 8-12 reps X 6sets

    Flyes   45lbs X 12 Reps 1 Set


    DB Press 45lbs X 8-9reps X 5 sets

    Lat Raise 15lbs X 12 reps


    Nosebreakers DB   25lbs X 8-9 reps X 5 sets

    Nosebreakers DB   15 lbs X 27 reps 1 set

    Hopefully will stick with it for the full 12 weeks.

  • ok day we go :) I did notice im struggling with drinking water as stupid as that sounds...7 glasses yesterday as opposed to the 10 i should be drinking. Set a new goal today to drink the full 10! Weight lifting went great yesterday however i did it backwards as i left my weight lifting journal at new goals for tomorrow when i weight lift are to bring the journal with me and stick to the BFL plan to a Tee!! Hope all of you are doing well with this as well :) I am so grateful to have all of you for support through this! My fiance is very skeptical of what im doing and wants to train me w/o the book but im refusing..i am doing this for me and on my terms...he is coming to the gym with me though and being supportive by pushing me to my limits and showing me how to lift properly and use all the machines! I also wanted to mention to TCWIN that you are doing an awesome job!!!! stick with it ;) I will be back to update you all tomorrow..lets hope today goes well for me lol MORE WATER!!!!!!

  • I started today! :-)  My second challenge - my first one was back in 2004, before two kids and 30lbs lighter.  Back then it was just about getting toned and the results were amazing.  This time I have a lot more work to do but I'm feeling very positive after my first "back to the gym" experience this morning.  I'm looking forward to seeing all your results and sharing support!!! xo

  • i am in the same boat as you maryjaneslovechild!

    2 kids later and 35 pounds of pure fat to lose! Today is day 3 for me...Its kinda crazy but im noticing some major changes in my body already. i am someone who never drinks water (ever) in a typical day i drink a cup of milk and a diet pop, since being on bfl for 3 days and drinking all this water I  have noticed that the sweat pours off when i am doing my workouts whether it is cardio or weights. the frequent bathroom trips havent stopped yet though lol I have also decided to no longer weigh myself on the scale, i usually do it every day. Before i started bfl i started going to the gym and eating better around 3 weeks ago i was 168 pounds, got down to 162, then weighed myself yesterday morning and it said 166 :( So no more scales for me, I will do a weigh in at the end of every month from now on!!

    Good luck with today everyone :)

  • I started May 2nd also, I am absolutely exhausted. And I can hardly move my legs, I think I overdone it a bit but I'm so tired... I'm going to have to chill a little bit and stop before I reach failure.

  • I'm so sore, I worked my upper body yesterday and somehow even my legs hurt! :-P

  • I'm so sore, I worked my upper body yesterday and somehow even my legs hurt! :-P

  • i did my lower body yesterday :( omg my legs are killing me, did 35 minutes of cardio this morning and thought i was going to die from the pain in my legs lol i guess it is a good hurt..makes me realize how out of shape i am.

    Does anyone know if its ok to drink vodka, water, and lime juice not on cheat day? I heard its 0 cal and it would be nice to sit outside and enjoy this nice weather with an alcoholic beverage this evening!!

  • way to go Sweetjane!

    Oh your free day ! Do it! have a vodka water, can even add a little low calorie cranberry! Yum! My first cheat day I have to tell you , I got a little drunk ;) and I had to work out the next day...Worst work out ever I felt so yuck! After that I kept my drinks of free day to a min. hahaha lesson learnt!

  • I hear you Sweetjane, I love my cold beer esp during a hot round of golf, but have cut it back maybe I need to switch to the one finition is talking about.

  • I'm pretty sure Bill Phillips allotted for 1 drink per day on the program.  If your having problems drinking pure water 10 glasses a day try mixing in a little juice (not to much b/c juice is high in calories) but this helps.  So after two days with the weights getting dusty I came back:


    Cardio Bike 20 min


    4 sets of crunches 25-30 reps

    3 sets leg raises 20 reps


    Bench 135X12 Leg Ext 60X12X5sets

    155X8 70X10-12 repsX5sets









    Flyes 45lbs X 12 reps

    DB Press 45lbs X8X5sets

    Lat Raises 15lbs X15Reps X1

    Pushups 21 Reps X 5sets

    Cardio Bike 20 min Round 2

    Abs   Round 2

    Have a great weekend