Beginning a New Challenge April 18, 2011!! Who's with me?!

  • Dune,

    Sounds like you are getting into it!  That's great.  The eating will come around as long as you take it serious.  You're going to have moments though :).  And if you get in a spot where you are at a friends house for dinner or they come over, just watch your portion sizes!  That will make a huge difference too.   It's great having support isnt it?!  My wife is very good too.   None of the "Oh come on you can have just a bit of ice cream" that I hear some folks have to deal with.  

  • Nice to see you here MMK11. Tell your husband thanks for his service. I myself am a vet as well from some years ago, but nevermind HOW long.

    To everyone: I find weekends the hardest. At work i can track my food intake pretty easily with a spreadsheet that i use. It has all fo the nutritional data for common foods. I just cut and paste at the 2 hours period for whatever i consume. I know, you're probably saying take your spreadsheet home, you idiot! OK, OK, stop yelling, i will. The other weekend problem is that beer isn't on my list.  

  • Hi everyone wanted to sign in and see how is everyone doing? today is weds which is up body workout- i hope everyone is still on track- you guys were my motivation so not to see anyone writing i am getting scared lol

  • Sorry, :) to me it's just another day of "life"  I got up, did my LBWO, etc etc.. Just my new routine.  

  • Good job Dburg.

    Hi Need, I am here and i hope that the other posters are still doing well. Well here we are week 2. I have my meal plans pretty well set at work. Its when i get home that it harder since I have to dissect my wife's dinners and calculate the cals, Ps, Fs, and Cs. Fortunately she cooks healty stuff because she is doing her own weight loss plan.

    Exercise is going pretty well. I missed my workout on Monday so i made up for it on Tuesday by doing weights AND cardio on the same gym visit. Is that wrong? I really hate going to the gym just to do a 20-minute cardio. I'd like to do both. I dont see any reason why it would be wrong?

  • Hi All, (especially needmotivation)

    not writing because doing.... I am very 'good tired" by which I mean I am doing so much exercise (for me) that my body just wants to sleep at bed-time (and before!) ...

    you wont hear from me until next Tuesday as I am going to Hungary for a long weekend....

    I have sorted my diet for the trip and am taking aerobic exercise kit but cant really take weights on the plane!

    so I am corrupting the programme... will tell you if it still works!

    catch you all next week...

  • Awww so excited that everyone is still on track super proud -

    Dburg - nice that it is now just another day for you working out and eating ( for me its still a little hard )

    Sean- good ur wife eats clean already that super helps out when both are on the same game plan and as far as cardio and wieght traning same day i dont know if it is good or not. but at least you are still doing your work out and cardio- right ?

    Duneira - nice your going to Hungary dont get distracted with food tempatations

    really glad to see that ppl are right on track and still on the program that helps me out alot because the girlz here at work are bringing chips , cookies, and starbucks stuff like that has alot of calories so it has been hard to just walk away from that -

    well congrats everyone we are almost thru another week

  • I am still here. I have been very sick this week. I have been eating on pretty much on track and missed a workout but did 2 the following day. I am about to do cardio now but I am coughing like crazy so I don't know if I will hit my 9's. At least it's better than not working out. I also took an hour walk this morning with my son. The weather is finally nice here but more rain is on the way. Hope everyone else is doing well!


  • Well, hasnt been a lot of activity on this thread for a while.  How's everyone doing?   Need some updates from folks!!!   Myself still ticking along!   Still loosing weight, granted slower, but it's still coming off!!  

  • Hi dburg .... I'm still here... Feeling good and losing weight... I am mainly holding to the programme but I do travel quite a bit.

    For example this weekend we are all going to my mums 70th birthday... Which is great but it's a 9 hour drive each way then the weekend I will be surrounded by food and drink.... But will do my best to be sensible

    Tuesday night I am on the overnight sleeper to London ... A bit difficult to exercise in a train!

    Then next Friday we are flying to Monaca for the F1 racing which will be wonderful but again discipline will be key!

    So in summary I am making progress, feeling much better but would be getting better results if I was more disciplined ... So that's my target now.

    How's everybody else doing?

  • Great duneira!  Keep up the good work!!

  • So glad to know I am not the only one still at it! I was feeling very lonely. I am losing a little weight but definately losing inches. I really need to work on following the nutrition plan better.

    Duneira - when I did my first challenge I was traveling all the time for work. I know how difficult it is! I want to buy a TRX system this time. That is definitely something you can bring along! Don't worry too much about missing a few days though - you can just get back on track when you get home.

    Keep up the good work guys!!!