Beginning a New Challenge April 18, 2011!! Who's with me?!

  • Regarding the cardio.....

    I think there is a lot to that concept of staying in the fat-burning heart rate range as opposed to going higher into the cardio range, especially when you are talking about longer periods of time...say, an hour on the treadmill.   The 20 min solution in BFL is designed to keep you hitting the high range but then "actively recovering" at a lower heartrate, so although you are at a high intensity, you recover at a lower intensity.  Supposedly you get more bang for your buck in this manner, the benefits lasting you long after your workout.  

    You may know about this website   -   It's great for explaining why BFL works.  Sometimes I think when you tell trainers that you are doing only 20 mins of cardio, they give you the advice that it's not enough, etc. but they aren't familiar with the principles of the program and the reason why the cardio is so limited (preserving the muscle that you are working so hard to build on the lifting days, while still achieving the fat-burning benefits in a short time period).  

    Here is an excerpt that talks about "tweaking" for more cardio.  I'm going to try that this time, too, as my fat loss has not really ever gotten to where it needs to be.....

    per John Hussman:

    "In studying the programs of previous Champions, I'm increasingly convinced that extra aerobic activity has been helpful to many of them. The weight training is also a must. You have to understand that a great deal of aerobics may reduce your muscle gains somewhat, but as long as you're doing the weight training, and following the nutritional aspect of the program, you won't lose muscle mass. So in the short term, more aerobics will lead to greater fat loss, since the extra calories you burn will probably exceed what the new muscle would have burned anyway. In the long term, muscle gains are essential, because that will keep you burning calories even when you're not working out. As Bill Phillips writes, "building muscle is a long-term solution to being overly fat." I completely agree.

    If you do add more aerobics, my own recommendation is to use the high intensity 20 minute pattern no more than three times a week. You can do more aerobics at lower intensity, but too much of the high intensity cardio will bonk your energy and compromise your recovery. A mild tweak would be to do the 20-minutes at high intensity, and to add up to 10 minutes of moderate level 6-7 activity to the end of each. A more significant tweak would add yet a fourth 30-40 minute moderate session (no high points) on your free day. And the maximum tweak would be to do three 20-minute sessions at high intensity, adding up to 20 moderate minutes to the end (40 minutes total), and then add an additional 30-40 minute session on the free day at moderate intensity throughout. And get plenty of rest. That maximum tweak will trade off muscle gains for fat loss, so it's not something you want to do over the long-term.  "

  • I've enjoyed reading everyone's posts. I've been eating and exercising on target. Just wierd days. I've been in court for the last two days, testifying on behalf one of my clients (it's the first time I've every had to do that).

    Hopefully it will be done tomorrow, and then I'll respond more. Just wanted you to know I was here.

  • Hello Shoshie and all.

    I kind of started this whole thing on 4-11, but officially on 4-18. it took me a week to put together excercise program and daily meals. I am new to the BFL website but i am really looking to stick to this for the next 12 weeks and see what happens. Good luck everyone!

    Sean 4-20-11  (today's weight 237.5)

  • Day 3 went well. Stayed on target eating and working out, and am finally out of court!!!

  • @SeanC640  Welcome!! We are glad to have you.  :)

    @CC Thank you for your input. :)  I was doing BFL cardio by the book and I barely lost any fat.  Here's what the guy who did my metabolic testing said regarding my body's response to HIIT training in the current state it's in.  Basically I'm very anabolically fit due to the first BFL challenge I did.  This new training will get me to the point where my body burns fat at a higher threshold then it does right now.  I'll be training aerobically and hopefully get my fat burning to catch up with me at higher heart rates.  I definitely think BFL works.  I just think what I need right now is a bit different. ;)

    " You mentioned possible carbohydrate sensitivity and perhaps reducing the % of your diet that comes from carbs. I like that strategy because your current metabolism is highly anaerobic (carbohydrate-burning), and if you reduce carbohydrate intake while engaging in a predominately aerobic exercise program (where most of your time is spent below AT), current research indicates that stimulates a metabolic shift to increased fat-burning. However, reduced carbohydrate consumption coupled with a high-intensity exercise program (where most of your time is spent above AT, as you were previously doing) does not work the same way. At high intensities in the absence of adequate carbohydrates, it is far more likely that your body will break down muscle tissue for energy (specifically, BCAAs) because the hormones released during high intensity exercise actually inhibit fat metabolism. That’s not to say high intensity exercise is bad, as we saw from your VO2/fitness comparison results, so one day a week is a good idea, but the majority of your exercise should be low-to-moderate intensity."

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  • Hi I'm still here, actually started on 17 and had Monday as my first free day. I ate pretty clean being new to this vegan diet. What do vegan's eat on a free day? Waking up at about 3 - 3:30 am getting WO in and feel great. Will chat later back to work.


  • Had a fun Wednesday, had nasty storms go thru and it was a wee bit dark to exercise by at 530 am with no electricity..  No biggie though, got some natural exercise with cleaning up and as busy as we were at work.   Missed the lbwo for yesterday, again no sweat, I just stick to the plan and move on.  Learned that from first challenge.  So did cardio this AM and had a really good one.  

    I'll fill in a little more on my background.  I hate veggies.  Have never ate them.  So this challenge, I'm opening up my horizons and one of my big goals will be to try different foods, specially veggies!   So had cooked carrots the other night, and was surprised how nice they tasted, so that was a positive!  Last night the wife made some lima beans.   Tried them, and well, maybe I'll try them again with something else or prepared a bit differently lol.  

    Think tonight will be mexican night.  We either use ground turkey, or extra lean beef.   Plus some homemade spicy sauce and whole wheat tortillas.  

  • I love thunderstorms. We get them sometimes in North Idaho so I am hoping in May/June we'll get some.

    I am scale addicted. I step on every morning. I gained 2lbs, ugggh! I know its wrong. I am going to ask my wife to hids the scale somewhere so that I can look for other signs of success.

    If i remember when i was younger and working out that it took about 3 weeks for a change in eating and excercise to kick in.

    I am eating and excercising on plan. Take care everyone/


  • Thunderstorms can be cool, but tornadoes aren't for fun!!  Tons of huge old tress uprooted.. Not a lot of building damage but still some..

  • @ Sean - I am with you I am totally addicted to the scale.  To think about not stepping on the scale for 12 weeks is a horrifying lol! Although like I said before the last time I did a challenge (10 years ago) the scale almost did me in because it wasn't moving in 12 weeks but I did see a difference in other ways. Last time was about getting fit not so much losing weight anyway.  This time is about both losing weight and getting fit!

    I know the first few weeks are hard to get in a routine. I keep dredding my workouts but when I am finished I feel great. I have to keep reminding myself how great I feel after! So far I am right on track but looking forward to Easter. Thankfully it's my free day so I am going to enjoy the chocolate!!!

  • Hey guys!

    I can definitely relate to the scale watching.  I found a handy tool to help keep me from going crazy when I was scale watching.  It's by a guy who created the Hacker's diet.  It's not really a diet at all.  It's more just a webtool to help configure smoothing averages (math ack!)  so you can see real gains and losses instead of the jagged ups and downs of the daily scale watching.  

    Keep in mind the scale doesn't care if it's measure bone, fat, muscle, or undigested food so it's really not a very accurate measurement tool. Especially while working out.

    Here's the link to the hacker's diet tool if you want to try to use it.  It will help keep you from going crazy if you just can't give up the scale haha!

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  • Hi All i to started on 4/18/11 this is the second time i will be doing a challenge the first time it didnt go so well i seen results in just two weeks and then because it was the holidays i just got to busy and couldnt continue (so i made escuses why i had to eat more and not excercise) lol

    well i seen you guys are very active on posting your progress for the day I love that  can i join your group?

    hopefully i will be accepted into your guys sucess here on BFL

  • Of course! Welcome!

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  • Hello to All the 4/18 BFL'ers,

    I started Monday, as did y'all, and just now took the time to log in here.  It's great to see a small group of us starting together, let's work hard and stick together and see this to day 84.

    A little about me:  I'm a SAHM of 4 kids, youngest is 19months, oldest is 9.  Husband is a Marine, just returned safely from Afg.  I will be 40 in about 3 weeks.  *gasp*  My husband and I very successfully completed our first challenge in 2008 (after baby #3).  About 6 months later, I was expecting #4.  Oh my!

    So, now is the time to get this done again.  At the end of my last challenge I was down just 9# but my body fat was 17%.  My goals are almost the same as last time and with a few changes to my plan I hope to do just a tad bit better this time around.  

    C1 was done at home with an old bowflex, a bench and some dumbbells.  This time I need childcare so we joined the local YMCA.  Week 1 went well but have to HIIT it tonight before I go to bed.  Easter activities and birthday parties consumed our day...but that's not stopping me from missing a w/o.

    I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter Sunday and a relaxing free day.


  • Happy Easter Everybody... many thanks for so many postings letting me see what others are doing and trying... it really helps. So my first week...

    The Good... I exercised every day. for the aerobic I am just going running straight from my house. This is really amazing me because I am loving it. I look forward to it, push myself really hard and the buzz afterwards is amazing. My family have been totally supportive, especially my wife. I started the week at 100kg, which is 220lbs and stepped on the scale this morning and I was 97kg which is 214 lbs. Overall very pleased..

    The Bad... I didn't always stick to the eating plan... normal excuses including children (I see many of you have children, I have six, although the oldest two are away from home now...), friends coming round etc... so next week more discipline with the eating. The weights exercises... I am doing them but.. first day I really overdid it and couldn't use my arms properly for three days! (even holding a computer mouse my arm was shaking...) so the next two weights sessions I probably didnt push hard enough so this is about balance...

    The Ugly... still a long way to go which wont be easy. But I am well organised and motivated now... I promised myself no alcoholic drinks other than once a week as I had developed a habit of a glass of wine with dinner every night and a Scotch before bed almost every night. Other than having loads of calories this is just bad for me. During last week I drank on three nights (again normal excuses freinds round to watch soccer on TV, they were all drinking etc... ) Next week and forever just once per week!

    I cant pretend I understand all your TLA's and FLA's (Three and four letter acronyms) but Google is helping me and I am learning... I have tried to work out how to create a profile for myself but this is beyond me!

    Have a great day off and wonderful second week everybody...