Testosterone questions

  • Does anybody here know how hormones, or lack of hormones, can affect the BFL program?

    Mainly curious about having no testosterone at all?

    Also wonder about low estrogen levels? Or menopause?

    Anybody have any idea?

    --- Kitty


  • I've seen men and women of all ages do this and haven't heard of any of the above creating issues in results.

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  • Kitty~ I'm in full blown menopause.  A week before I started BFL, I started taking hormones.  Just one week on BFL on feel soooo much better!!!!  If you are in menopause it can only HELP!  Especially with the clean eating!  As far as the supplements I would call the 1-800# and ask them for advice on which supplements to take.  This is just my first week, so I don't know much, just from experience and what I have read.  I hope that helps :)   Kitty, remember, we're still "hot" they just come in flashes lol  Seriously,no matter what our age, we're HOT! 

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  • I've never heard of anyone having no testosterone at all.....low levels, sure, but none at all is something new to me.  Assuming that is correct, I suspect you will have lots of trouble gaining muscle mass. If the are simply low levels, the reason for the diet is to manipulate them in a way that helps you gain mass and lose fat.

  • Yeah, I never heard of it either... until the nurse called and said my bloodwork showed no testosterone and very little estrogen.

    I was thinking the low estrogen might be good but no testosterone would be bad...

    I am still doing the challenge, but wondered what effect it might have.

    Thanks to all for your responses!

    --- Kitty