• Hello all, I am still in it to win it and am with those of you who have not lost much weight. I am working out on schedule however, and feel good about that. Just getting up and going to the gym I beleive I must pat myself on the back for. And I guess if I ever got serious about losing weight I could eat less too, but so far I am not that serious. I did 20 min. on the treadmill awhile ago and did the UBWO and am increasing my weights now so that is good. I go to PT tomorrow my dr ordered for my knee bursitis and she'll probably tell me to stop walking on the treadmill so hard maybe I don't know. I did a lot of hard yard work over the weekend and walked real good yesterday morning and it didn't even hurt, hurts now though. Just want to say I believe faith and perserverance is the key, I mean we all do know that EXERCISE IS GOOD FOR US, and getting started is the hardest part so don't quit now or you'll have to start over, instead just keep plugging along and have faith every effort is ultimately rewarded...onward! I wrote a book!

  • In case anyone was wondering I did not fall off the end of the Earth. Rather, I floated away on  another flood in the basement. Yep, twice in 3 weeks. What a mess! We had to unhook the treadmill and move it, along with the computer and all the furniture and pull up the rugs again. This has led to stress eating, exercise interruptions and total neglect of my "me" time. I am so off track it isn't funny and this Wednesday I am leaving to visit family for a week. Have finally got the computer up and running in a different location and I can see the treadmill looking at me with sadness and who knows where my dumbbells are. Oh well, I am not given up, let's just say I am taking a little detour.


  • Emily, don't worry, you'll get back on track (and the treadmill)!  I'm sure with the torrential downpour we had in southern WV today, I'll need a canoe to get thru my basement as well.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Emily, I am so sorry for your troubles. Good for you for not giving up. I decided, this is my last starting over at Day 1. Rather than giving up when I get sidetracked, I will get back into healthy eating and exercise without dilly dallying and saying what is the use.

    EllaBlue, Congratulations on your success! Keep it up.

    Bikergma, I sound like a broken record, but my biggest problem is eating. I just like to sit and eat junk. So, when I get on a roll for weeks at a time, I feel like I hit my 10's.

    Now, I don't know if you all read my last post where I went on an eating bender and did little to no exericse for 4 days. Yesterday, I got back on track with gusto. Today, I got on the scale and weighed two pounds less than I did when I took time off. Go figure. The only thing I can think of that got the scale to move was a change in my routine. This is not to say I will go hog wild 4 days a week.

    Keep in touch everyone, I need it.


  • Thanks RockinMom75 and Melissa. I may be behind schedule but I am not going to throw in the towel. I leave in the morning and will be away for a week.

    We had fierce winds last night and it is now raining. RockinMom75. I hope we won't need a canoe here.

    Melissa, I really enjoy your posts and am glad the scale was good to you.

    Talk to you all next week. Hugs!!

  • Well, I have been back at it since Monday with excellent eating and workouts, and what do you know, the scale is going up again. Maybe I need more 4 day food benders.


  • Hey ladies glad to see you all still active here.... Im still going too but the diet could've been better live and learn.. UBWO tomorrow.. rock it all aloha

  • I am still here. For some reason, when I try to login, I have to keep reregistering my information. This is getting tedious. So, I may not check in for a while. I am off to do cardio. Progress is very slow, somewhat steady. Hope you are all on track.