• Hello!

    I started yesterday and am looking for some buddies to come along for ride ... anyone in?

    We could all use the moral support... me, especially in the arena of NUTRITION. lol.

  • I started AGAIN yesterday. I will join you. I could use the support too. I get easily sidetracked. Melissa

  • Hi Mac and Wiggles- I started the program on 4/11/11- well 4/10/11 was my picture day but yesterday was my first full day applying the principles...   Hope everyone is off to a great start!

    Let's motivate each other!  I know I could use it :)

  • I started yesterday as well! 3rd time but this time I'm giving it 100%. :)

  • My best advice on the nutrition is not to over think it.  Keep it simple.  Follow the food list and don't try squeezing things you know you shouldn't be eating during the week in to the "only a little won't hurt" equation.  Eat right six days on, have your reasonable free day.  

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Hii everyone! I started yesterday too! So far so good..I'm very happy...

    I'm in!

  • I am going to restart as well. Did the challenge successfully last year and felt so powerful; started again in Feb and fell off the bandwagon... I'm in w/ ya'll.

    If you're interested, gimme a friend request and we can hold each other "accountable" for our daily meals/activities!

    No more mess ups, I'm gonna do it right like I did in 2010! Here we go....


    "The joy of life is the fruit of discipline" -S. Randall

  • Started on the 11th as well. I am STOKED! I'm with ya!

  • Howdy all I started my 2nd challenge as of yesterday... be glad to chime in with you all .. .:-)

  • I started officially today...took the pictures and everything. Am now raring to go have been warming up at the gym for the last two weeks kind of needed I wrote once already and don't know where it went..was wondering if there are others over 60 out there? What do I push now send enter heeeelp!

  • Oh goody there I am...woo hoo sometimes computers give me the freaks had to get my granddaughter to teach me how to use Facebook and still get it wrong half the time...oh well at least I try and am ready for a CHALLENGE really need to be challenged gained about 10 lb this winter more than has to gooooo now...need strength and power to keep up with my grandkids, ride a BIcycle not a motorcyle love it!

  • I started on the 11th as well, arms sore from Monday, ran my heart out on the treadmill today, looking forward to lower body tomorrow. So far I have not been hungry, it is my first day at work tomorrow so I am planning, I am extremely optimistic!

  • Hii...How are you doing? I'm now on my 3rd day, just finished my lower body workout and feel great. I'm very happy with my progress. I don't know if it's just my imagination, but I think I'm already starting to see some changes in my body *.*

    I wish a good day for you all!

    (Sorry about my english, but I'm portuguese. I hope I'm not writing with many mistakes :p )

  • Hello everyone, I also started on 4/11/11. I read the book last week and started making changes right away, like exercising 6 days a week and watching what I eat, but I "officially" started the program on the 11th. This is my first time trying this. I have done WW, South Beach, calorie counting, you name it. I finally decided that what I really want is to get in shape at 42 years old! I also am seeing changes in my body already but the scale has not budged which I find strange. Usually when I've started any of the past "diets" I lose a few pounds in the first week. I only have 15 pounds of weight I'd like to lose but it's more important to me to lose fat and gain muscle at this point. What I like so far is the eating every few really works to keep the hunger away! Good luck to everyone out there!

  • Hi again, Just finished hiit on treadmill. I feel like I a big sweat hog. Haberchic, I am 42 also. I can notice a big difference with my body too. It is frustrating. Anyhow, look forward to keeping track with all of you. This is my second challenge (not official). The first time, I was 38. I was able to do fasted cardio. Now, I am doing cardio 3 hours after breakfast. Lets see if it matters. The first time, the pounds came right off. I have tried this last year and got mad because nothing happened right away. Then, I tried other routines. And so, here I am iin a bigger hole than before. Thanks for the support. Melissa