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  • Hi Everyone, my name is Bree and I just started on April 7th then I was not feeling well for a couple of days as I got an infection in my chest.  I've done fairly well on the eating but getting into weight training is hard for me.  I've tried it on and off over the years but have never really gotten passionate about doing wieghts but I know I need to because I am tired of feeling tired.  I have been slender my entire life and semi-athletic with softball, gymnastics and mountain-biking, but never big at working out.  I was still a size 5 when I hit 40 and I've never had to work at being slender and pretty healthy.  Now things are different as I have been at a size 8/9 sometimes even 10 when Im looking for jeans.  I haven't felt well the last couple of years and I KNOW I HAVE TO CHANGE.  If anyone has any pointers on how to enjoy the weight training I would be happy and grateful if I could find a way to enjoy it and get excited or find a niche to get passionate about.  This summer I am planning to be in California and do alot of bike-riding again so I am pretty excited about that!   If anyone is in Mesa, Arizona or Newport Beach, California that wants to support each other that would be great too!!  Thank you so much!

  • I would suggest the first thing to do is load up your ipod with stuff you really like.  Get in the gym and get really comfortable in the weight section and then spend some time looking at the success stories and find a woman who's physique you'd like to have.  They got that physique through weight training.  Once you realize the power weight training gives you it gets easier.  Here's another tidbit, a strong upper body will really help you with you bike riding fatigue as well.  Welcome to the BFL community!

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  • Hey Bree,  Jill here from Glendale AZ.  I too am vacationing in CA this summer and am looking forward to it after a long year of work.  I have just the opposite problems that you have I struggle with the eating right portion of this challenge and I have always struggled with my weight (mostly due to the eating stuff).  I have loved weight training when I have done it and it has, in the past, helped me to maintain my weight.  I have gone away from it for many years and have turned fourty and beyond and have had another child who is now 5.  I have finished my first week and with the exception of headaches the first few days am loving how my body feels and yes I mean the sore aching way it feels because I am reconnecting to it now.    I think michelles suggestions are great and I know that   you will do great.  I am sorry to hear that you got that upper resp thing.  My sis had it for a while and had to go to the doct to get rid of it.  Please make sure to get enouph sleep (sorry the mother in me).   Anyway hang in there I know you can do it!!!  jill