Just started 4/4/2011

  • Hi Folks! I just started on Apr,4th I bought the BFL book some weeks ago and read it with a lot of interest. Just before starting I read in amazon a lot of bad reviews about Bill Phillips book it's a very large informecial about his EAS products. I was very near to don't start the challenge but I decided to give a try.

    Now I'm here with 5 days of follow the challenge and I already lost 4 pounds. I feel very tired but very motivated to continue. Today 6th day i take it as a free day because my social activities this saturday. I'll finish my 6th day of excercises and diet on sunday.

    I'll post next week my actual photos. and update every 4 weeks.


  • Hey Art,

    Congratualations on your decision to change. Funny about the Amazon thing. Many people in the world are negative and can not stand to see others succeed. With hard work and planning, you will see great changes. I am getting ready to start C2. I just finished C1 about a month ago. I made some mistakes and got off track a couple of times. However, I finished and feel and look a lot better than when I started. Good luck and enjoy your transformation.