Day 2 - week 1 - Challenge 1

  • Life seems to have a way of throwing a monkey wrench into the best laid plans. I am doing great, eating well, and heading out for a run with my puppy, however; there is a lot of relationship strife right now that would normally send me packing to buy sugar........ it doesn't make it better, it only makes me feel more out of control and disappointed in myself. So I am going to try this renewed way of dealing with things by being EXTRA good to myself, and taking extreme self care with how I treat myself. 

    I am sore from yesterday's workout and run.  Hopefully I can successfully replace my sugar eating, and isolating behavior with a new habit that involves exercise. Exercise is fabulous for helping with stress.  I have had great success with this in the past, and have reverted back to old, negative ways of being. Feeling trapped, stuck, immobilized by things I cannot control, and instead throw what I can control (self care) out the window.

    More later on this, out to run!





  • good on you for doing that exercise is a great stress reliever i turn to it a lot if you just keep doing what your doing before you know it habit will form and you wont even think about it anymore.. goodluck..