Wheat substitutions

  • I have been on BFL for about a week now and I am doing fine except for finding a wheat substitute.  Can I use white bread, flour tortillas and pasta?  I don't exactly have Celiac but have symptoms close to it.   I did get gluten free bread but other than that I don't feel like incurring the expense of gluten-free foods when my wheat tolerance is not that severe to incur this expense.



  • A lot of people who have problems with wheat can have spelt.  Have you tried that?  There are some really good spelt breads & tortillas out there.  Also, brown rice pasta is delicous, and has more the consistency of white pasta.  I try to stay away from wheat as well, and eat a lot of spelt & brown rice products.  Do you have any stores like Trader Joes, Sprouts, Whole Foods nearby?  A lot of regular grocers and super chains like Walmart have a lot of options now.

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  • Thanks never heard of spelt.  I do have both Trader Joes and Whole Foods.  I'm thinking gluten free past too right?  

  • Hi I have Celiac,

    Try this website, www.gluttenfreeclub.com, alot of great recipes. Also if you ask your grocier manager alot of times they will bring in products for you. I buy tortillas made with teff & millet flour that are glutten free. They are called Smart & Deliciuos, Wraps / Tortillas made by La Tortilla Factory. The shelf life is long but once they are opened its best to use within 2 weeks as the seem to dry out and get brittle. These are the best I could find. Very flexible when rolled. You should be able to find corn totillas as well.

    You can also find glutten free oats. I use Creamhill Estates they have a website by the same name and recipeis as well. Made the oat bread but next time will modify the sugar too much for me made the bread too sweet for my likeing.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi Bet,

    I too have issues with wheat due to allergies.  I just completed my first challenge and I really didn't bother with bread or pasta much at all.  My main source of carbs was sweet potato, brown rice and Oatmeal for breakfast.  

    If you think about it our bodies haven't changed all that much since Neolithic times and back then mankind didn't eat grains at all.  So it makes sense that we can function just fine without them.  I think most people who can't tolerate wheat can still have corn, millet, spelt and rye products but you have to watch because sometimes these things are still contaminated with wheat because of how they are processed..

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  • I get spelt tortillas at Trader Joes that are delicious.  I use them for my egg white burritos, for pizzas, wraps, etc...and they are exactly 20 grams carbs.  You should check them out.  Both TJ's & Whole Foods have brown rice pasta in many shapes/types.  You can get spelt pasta as well and it is delicious.  There are so many more options these days than there used to be.

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  • I'm a little confused by the original post - you ask about using white bread, flour tortillas and pasta - but unless I missed something, those products all contain wheat. At any rate, white and enriched flour is to be avoided as it is no longer a whole grain. The other posters have made excellent suggestions for wheat substitutes..

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  • Hi Sara: Since Bet just has some sensitivity and not a true allergy to wheat, white is probably better for her system since it is all enriched and stripped of those healthy grains.  However, not a real healthy choice....so hopefully she can find some spelt & brown rice substitutes.  How are you doing?  Are you in a 2nd challenge now?

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  • Hi BDMom, I finished a second challenge last week, not great due to weather and illness, but still lost a bit, now plan to maintain for a few weeks until summer when my two daughters and I are going to start another challenge together.

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  • That sounds like a great plan sara.  Doing the challeng with others is always a great motivator.  Good luck to you and your daughters.

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