Tech Help PLS!

  • Tryign desperately to begin this journey.

    Trying to Register for Challenge online right now after making the mental and emotional committment but the damn website is stopping me!

    Im not computer dumb, so cant figure out whats goign on; I click on appropruately place on BFL home webpage to Register for Challenge, it asks for my previouslly-established logon/email name and password, I put it in and it takes me back to my Profile page...

    all my previously entered profile info is there,,name/address/etc..

    it also asks if I plan on doing challenge, I click yes, it then asks me to input date I wanna start, etc.

    After clicking and completing all sections of form I hit "submit" It takes to Regsiter for Challenge page again

    back to original Register for Challenge page, asks for email address and password again, I put it in and get sent back to Profile page again!

    Im not getting error messages telling my my password is wrong or anything;

    Im not getting messages telling me I missed filling in a field or anything.

    just in case, i reset my password, logged otu, logged in again...

    Tried everythign obvious and reasonable and cannot figure out why I keep getting sent back to Profile page when i enter my starting login/password info into the Register for Challenge page?!

    Its VERY FRUSTRATING. I have very limited time to try to commit to this, but am tryign to begin my lifechanging journey.

    Anyone else have same experience or have recommendations??

    Again, Im not a computer/website dummy...I dont think Im doing anything basically wrong...?

  • floridafit,  I can't help you with registering for the official challenge, but don't let technology hiccups frustrate you from starting the challenge, YOUR challenge as you planned.  Registering is not whats important, but starting your journey is.  I am sure the techno wizards will help you out, you just start the work outs, eat clean, and use this forum for some great support.   Good luck