Starting Sunday, 4/3/11, (Phoenix)

  • Hi everyone,

    I lost a lot of weight last year, but did it doing an unhealthy modified protein fast. Once I finished the diet, I went straight back to my old ways, and binged out on all the food I missed. I ended up almost gaining all my weight back, and now I'm here. I need to transform my eating/exercise habits into my life, and create a better/healthier lifestyle. My plan is to start Sunday, since I have Saturdays off, and that will be my best day off. I'm excited to start this journey, but nervous as well. I have a bad habit of starting a project, and then quitting. I'm praying I have the motivation and determination to finish this goal. If anyone is interested in a BFL buddy, I would love to have/help support. Thanks everyone!

    Weight: 185

    Goal: Lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks

  • Hey Arizona,   glad to see you are moving toward your weiht loss goals again.  I am much like you and struggle with gaining weight back after i lose it, mostly because I stop excersising and start eating fast food (i stop bringing my lunch to work).  I started on Monday with Team Triumph.  Why don't you join our forum.  You will end your challenge only a week behind us and you will have the added advantage of reading about what is coming your way week to week and we will have the advantage of helping you with what is coming week to week.   Anyway, whatever you decide I wish you great success in your challenge and your long term weight loss/health goals.  Oh, by the way, crank up the AC today it is going to get very uncomfortable in the Vally of the Sun.  Bring it on  94 deg today 97 by Friday, winter was way too short, and what the heck happened to spring?  have a great day   jill    :)

  • Hi Kbugrunner:  I just wanted to let you know that I live in the Phoenix area as well.  I want to wish you much success, and know you will achieve it if you follow the BFL plan as outlined and know that you deserve this as much as anyone else!  You can do this.  There are many support groups on here, and I am sure one of them is starting the same time as you.  You can always come join the thread that I am on (BFL Warriors).  We are a group of people who finished our first challenge togehter, and many have gone on to other challenges and some have managed to maintain.  We also have some new members there, and we all check in for accountability and motivation.  You are def. welcome there.

    Best wishes.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"